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Daily Archives: February 20, 2020

Cosina Unveils Voigtlander 60mm f/0.95 Lens for Micro Four Thirds


It’s been an exciting day for Micro Four Thirds shooters. Not only have budget brands Yongnuo and Venus Optics officially joined the standard, but Cosina Japan has unveiled the Micro Four Thirds mount Voigtlander Nokton 60mm f/0.95. This manual focus lens joins a few other Micro Four Thirds Voigtlander Nokton ...

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This Japanese Smartphone Uses AI to Keep Users from Taking Nude Photos


Japanese company Tone Mobile has released a very… special… new smartphone. Aimed at parents who want to keep their kids from making bad choices, the TONE e20 has an AI-powered “Smartphone Protection” feature that prevents users from shooting or saving “inappropriate” photos (read: naked pictures). The official Tone Mobile press ...

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Yongnuo and Venus Optics Officially Join the Micro Four Thirds Standard


The 12-year-old Micro Four Thirds standard just got a nice third-party boost today. In a joint release, Olympus and Panasonic announced that three new companies were officially joining the group: Yongnuo, Venus Optics, and a B2B company called Mediaedge. Mediaedge isn’t terribly relevant for photographers, but both Yongnuo and Venus ...

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A Look at 35mm Pano Alternatives to the $3,000 Hasselblad XPan


The Hasselblad XPan is a legendary one-of-a-kind 35mm panoramic rangefinder worthy of its cult camera status, but at over $3,000, is it worthy of your money? In this video and article, we’ll take a look at the XPan compared to two affordable alternative options: the Horizont camera, and the Pentax ...

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