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JPEGs May Get AI for Smaller Files and Blockchain for Greater Trust


The Joint Photographic Experts Group, the committee behind the JPEG image file, recently held its 86th meeting in Sydney, Australia, and among the topics discussed was using artificial intelligence for greater image procession and using blockchain (the technology pioneered by Bitcoin) for a new system of trust. AI for Greater ...

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The ‘Why’ of an Advertising Photo


I did my first advertising assignment in the year 2000. I still remember how excited I was when I, a few months later, walked out of a bookstore on Chestnut Street in San Francisco with several magazines with my pictures in them. 20 years into my career as an advertising ...

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Canon USA Just Dropped Over 15% of Its Authorized Dealers


Canon USA cut 15% of its Authorized Dealers earlier this week. According to a report by Canon Price Watch, the company removed 71 online outlets and small stores—over 15% of its total network—in an effort to reduce operating costs. According to CPW, the original change took place on February 13th, ...

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