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Daily Archives: March 11, 2020

Film Simulation vs Actual Film: Fuji ACROS Comparison


The recent release of the Fujifilm XPro3 camera coincided with me getting some recently re-released Fujifilm ACROS 100II film. Given my love of Fujifilm digital cameras, film photography, and ACROS film, I desperately wanted to shoot and compare the new XPro3 alongside a rangefinder film camera. Fortunately, the good people ...

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My Portrait Session with Fidel Castro


It was my younger years. I had just published work from the Sudanese Civil War, and the Editor-in-Chief of Germany’s GEO magazine, wrote that “Per-Andre risks life and limb for a good shot.” Basically, I presume he meant I was a young fool, who took on assignments very few in ...

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Using Instagram Stats to Choose Your Next Camera Lens


Photographer Jason Webber recently embarked on a little statistical experiment. He wanted to see if he could use stats from his Instagram photos to choose the ‘perfect’ lens purchase by identifying the focal lengths he uses most often, the holes in his lens lineup, and what features he needs to ...

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Breaking News: NAB 2020 Cancelled Because of Coronavirus


NAB 2020 has been cancelled. The National Association of Broadcasters has decided to follow in the footsteps of CP+, MWC, SWSX and others by cancelling the 2020 expo in April in the interest of “keeping the community safe and healthy.” The decision comes after Nikon, Adobe, and others officially pulled ...

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Adding Foreground Flare to Portraits


There are a million-and-one ways to add creative flares and effects to your shots in post-production after you’ve taken the image, but nothing beats the look and feel of an image that has used in-camera flares and bokeh effects. The reason for this is simple; light reflects and refracts what’s ...

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Photographer Says World Press Photo Nominee ‘Hijacked’ Her Project


The prestigious World Press Photo competition has been plagued by several controversies in recent years, and it looks like this year’s contest is no different. A nominated photographer is being accused of plagiarism by an Iranian photographer who believes her personal project was “hijacked.” Independent documentary photographer Kaveh Rostamkhani brought ...

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How the Coronavirus Will Affect the Photo Workshops Business


I think it’s fair to say there’s growing anxiety that is accompanying the current coronavirus outbreak, and with seemingly more bad news on the hour, we really don’t know when this thing might bottom out. So if your business is in the photography workshop space like my company PhotoEducate is, ...

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