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Daily Archives: March 18, 2020

Shooting the Same Composition Over Three Years


I have photographed a small bay for over three years and I am not done yet. Despite all the images being taken within an area of just three meters (~10 feet), the results are very different. If you are persistent and visit your local spots during different seasons and different ...

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Fight Bleakness With Your Camera


These days, it feels like the world will come crashing down on us at any moment. It may well be so, but there is little point in wallowing in torrents of bad news. But finding something positive is becoming as difficult as digging for water in the desert. This is ...

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How to Shoot Street Photographs with Humor


I think that one of the hardest elements to incorporate in a street photograph is humor. Unlike other themes in street photography, I think that naturally occurring “funny” scenes are harder to stumble across, as they often involve a lot of interpretation and may involve playing with elements in the ...

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