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Daily Archives: March 19, 2020

LEE Filters Unveils LEE85 Filter System for APS-C Mirrorless Cameras


UK-based LEE Filters has released a brand new filter system that was designed to work best with smaller mirrorless cameras like Fuji’s X-series. The LEE85 System aims to give mirrorless APS-C shooters a more portable and size-appropriate option, without skimping on features. “The LEE85 Filter System has been engineered specifically ...

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How to Build a DIY ‘Pixelstick’ for About $22


You might have heard of the Pixelstick. “Nothing compares” is one of their tag lines. And this is true… at least price-wise. I have always wanted one to at least try out some light painting with it, but the original Pixelstick retails for 400 Euro here in Germany. The Pixelstick ...

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An Intro to Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) Photography


I have been getting quite experimental with my photography this year and recently stumbled upon Intentional Camera Movement, or ICM, photography. I fell into the work of photographer Andy Gray and was immediately blown away by the painterly feel of his images. An ICM photo of Hornby Lighthouse in Sydney, ...

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8×10 Film vs 150MP Digital: Can 150 Megapixels Compete?


Over 8 years ago, we over at On Landscape performed a mammoth “Big Camera Comparison.” We compared medium format and large format film against various digital cameras including the then cutting edge Phase One IQ280, an 80MP CCD sensor which we used on a Linhof Techno, an Alpa, and a ...

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