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Daily Archives: March 30, 2020

Canon Will Livestream a New Product Announcement on April 20th


Canon has announced plans to livestream a Virtual Press Conference on Monday April 20th at 1pm EDT, in order to safely “unveil the company’s new professional imaging products and technologies” to the world. The VPC was officially announced earlier today, less than 24 hours after a report claimed that Canon ...

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Phase One Industrial Unveils 280MP Aerial Camera System for $455,000


Phase One Industrial just unveiled a monstrous 280MP aerial camera system that, according to the company, “redefines large format aerial imaging.” It’s also described as “affordable,” weighing in at just $455,000 for the full solution. Before sticker shock sets in, it’s worth pointing out that this is affordable … relatively ...

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SEO for Photographers: 3 Ways to Improve Your Website


When most of us began pursuing a career as photographers, we pictured idyllic days spent behind our beloved cameras photographing all the things. We quickly learned that our time behind a camera would be precious, as most of us would spend way more time sitting at a computer editing, communicating ...

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A Shoestring Photography Hardware and Software Setup


Camera and lenses aren’t the only photographic essentials that cost money. A decent machine with plenty of RAM and fast storage (preferably SSD) and rather expensive serious photography software are must-haves, too. That’s at least how the conventional photographic wisdom goes. It may be so if you are making a ...

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Building an Afghan 8×10 Box Camera for $100


My name is Antoine Loncle, and I’m an independent photographer. I shared my homemade 8×10 box camera on several photography groups and it received a lot of interest. I figured I’d do a little write up for anyone that wanted to know more about the camera as well as see ...

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