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Daily Archives: May 18, 2020

Washington Reveals Guidelines for Photographers Who Want to Reopen


Washington State Governor Jay Inslee has published a set of guidelines for professional photographers who want to re-open their studios as the stay-at-home order in the state is rolled back. These guidelines—the first we’ve seen from a government entity—could act as a template for photographers in other states who are ...

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Could Nikon Make a Medium Format Z-Mount Camera?


Photographer Matt Irwin recently took to his YouTube channel to share a theory—or maybe it’s just a glimmer of hope—about Nikon’s plans for the mirrorless Z mount. That theory is that Nikon wants to turn the Z-Mount into an all-encompassing system that includes APS-C, full-frame, and medium format cameras. To ...

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Photographer Captures Four ISS Passes in One Night Sky Photo


Photographer Mark Humpage went outside his home in the UK this weekend and captured this amazing photo showing the International Space Station (ISS) streaking across the sky four separate times. Quadruple passes of the ISS over the UK only happens a few times a year, and Humpage was fortunate to ...

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Why I Love Photography


There are many different reasons that photographers love photography. Almost always any individual photographer’s interest is a mixture of multiple aspects. This offering particularly reflects the interests of one individual — me. I am 77 years old as I write this, and photography has been a significant factor in my ...

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