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Daily Archives: June 4, 2020

Why UV Filters are Basically Useless on Modern Cameras


We’re going to ask a controversial question: What do UV filters do, exactly? A UV blocking filter, (not to be confused with a UV Bandpass filter, which has the opposite function) is perhaps the most standard lens filter out there. It’s sold with every beginner lens filter kit along with ...

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Elsa Dorfman, Giant Polaroid Camera Photographer, Dies at 83


Elsa Dorfman, the portrait photographer best known for using one of the few giant Polaroid 20×24-inch cameras in existence, has died. She was 83. Dorfman passed away from kidney failure on May 30th at her birthplace and hometown of Cambridge, Massachusetts, where lived and worked for over half a century. ...

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CFExpress vs XQD: Nikon D6 Buffer Test


If you’ve been wondering what kind of continuous shooting improvement you can expect from CFExpress over XQD, this video tries to answer that question. Put together by JANG HEE LEE, it shows the difference between shooting with CFExpress and XQD on the brand new Nikon D6 DSLR. The video was ...

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A Rare Photo of Someone Smiling in the 19th Century


Portrait photos from over a century ago rarely show subjects smiling, but this 19th century photo is an exception, and it’s been going viral online for that reason. The photo is found in the National Anthropological Archives maintained by the Smithsonian Institution. The 14.5×6.5-inch photo was captured in 1894, and ...

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