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Daily Archives: June 6, 2020

Sports Photography Tips to Help You Nail Your Action Shots


My name is Andy Chua, and I’m a professional photographer based in Singapore. In this article, I’ll share tips for nailing your action shots in sports photography. Team Russia competed in Team Free event of Artistic swimming during Fina World Championship (Gwangju) 2019. I used 9 AF-C points focused directly ...

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Think Like a Painter in Your Approach to Photography


Consider this: think like a painter. Painting is basically an additive process: the painter adds paint to a canvas. Photography is basically subtractive: the photographer, through careful composition and cropping (or cloning in the digital darkroom), subtracts unwanted or distracting elements from a scene to create a vision — or ...

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BluewaterU Offers Live Virtual Classes for Underwater Photography


When you think online photography education, underwater photography probably isn’t the first niche that pops into your mind. But that’s what the newly launched Bluewater University is focused on — it offers live virtual instruction for all things underwater. A joint-venture of Bluewater Photo, Bluewater Travel and the Underwater Photography ...

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