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Daily Archives: June 19, 2020

WANDRD Unveils Extremely Versatile New Adventure Bag for Photographers


The folks over at WANDRD—the bag maker who burst onto the scene a five years ago with the PRVKE—are back with another blockbuster campaign on Kickstarter. Their latest backpack is called the FERNWEH: an “adventure bag” for photographers that tries to balance comfort, access and versatility. The FERNWEH represents WANDRD’s ...

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Olympus Patents ‘High-Performance’ Drone Camera


A patent recently that was recently unearthed purports to show a high-end drone camera that Olympus has been working on. PetaPixel has obtained the full patent application, which describes a camera system that would feature a high-end zoom lens and high-performance sensor. The patent has been making the rounds ever ...

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