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Daily Archives: June 29, 2020

This Instagram Copyright Infringement Notice is a Phishing Scam


If you ever receive a direct message on Instagram informing you that copyright infringement has been detected in your photos, beware: it may actually be a cleverly-disguised phishing scam. This particular scam was first reported by Fstoppers writer Andy Day, who received a copyright infringement message that was purportedly from ...

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Canon Unveils First SPAD Image Sensor with 1-Megapixel Resolution


Canon has announced that it has created the world’s first single-photon avalanche diode (SPAD) image sensor that’s capable of capturing 1-megapixel photos. The traditional CMOS image sensors found in today’s digital cameras receive photons and convert each one into a single electron, and these electrons are used to figure out ...

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12 Tips for Abstract Landscape Photography


The grand landscapes are beautiful to view and probably the reason you got into landscape photography but the smaller details and intimate scenes can be just as picturesque. Capturing these scenes isn’t only a great way of creating impressive art, it’s also a creative challenge that forces you to think ...

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iOS 14 Will Finally Let You Add Captions to Photos


If you shoot a lot of photos on an iPhone, you may be happy to know that captions are finally coming to your phone in iOS 14. MacRumors published screenshots of the upcoming caption, which iPhone users have long requested. There’s a new “Add a Caption” field found under individual ...

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The Importance of Self-Development as a Photographer


I originally wrote this post in response to a challenge about growth in a Facebook photographer help group. Members of the group were challenged to post an old photograph versus a current photograph. The photograph above is what I shared in response to the challenge. The photograph on the left ...

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