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A Shaded Path: A Large Format Portrait of Kyrgyzstan

My name is Elliott Verdier, and I’m a French photographer who recently returned home from Kyrgyzstan. I spent four months making a portrait of the country with a 4×5 analog large format camera.

Four months in Kyrgyzstan, portraying this unknown country with a large format camera, through faces and landscapes. This work highlights the generational disparities between those nostalgic of an abolished USSR order and modern westernized youths born after the fall.

It covers the trials of a young, woebegone country struggling to simultaneously form a national identity and keep pace with a global economy. Relics of a past era mingle with the faces of a population frozen in transition.

About the author: Elliott Verdier is a documentary photographer based in Paris, France. You can find more of his work on his website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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