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Anthony Bourdain Photographer Stole $15,000 of Gear from Fellow Photogs at NYC Studio

Earlier this year, a group of well-known professional photographers was robbed… by another photographer. Approximately $12-$15K worth of gear was taken from their studio by a peer almost three months ago, and they were only able to recover the gear earlier this week, though they still don’t feel they’ve received anything resembling justice.

Seth Miranda, well-known NYC-based photographer and Adorama Rewind host, brought the story public two days ago on Instagram.

Miranda, whose gear was among the stolen property, revealed that the studio had been burglarized by fellow photographer David Scott Holloway. In a series of Instagram stories, he claimed that the photographer admitted to the crime after being arrested, and expressing his disgust that a working photographer would steal from his peers:

Since the story “broke,” PetaPixel has spoken to several sources close to the studio, who shared the whole unbelievable story with us and even sent photos of the security cam footage from the night of the theft.

According to them, Holloway joined the studio in question—a collective in New York City made up of 5 professional photographers—in late Spring of 2019.

While not a household name, Holloway is by no means unknown. As his (now private) Instagram account and website attest, he’s worked extensively with CNN, and was a set photographer for the late Anthony Bourdain’s show Parts Unknown. He even appeared on the Photo Brigade podcast in December of 2018, when he was described as “an amazing photographer […] who had the ultimate privilege of documenting the adventures of Anthony Bourdain.”

You can watch that interview below:



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