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Apple Joins Instagram to Feature the Best #ShotoniPhone Photos

Apple just joined Instagram. An unlike most other brand accounts, the new @apple handle won’t ever feature ads or announcements for products and services. Instead, it will be used for one, single purpose: to feature the world’s best #ShotoniPhone photos.

One of the first 9 posts uploaded to the new account is this video in which iPhone photographers around the world share their thoughts about the power of photography:

Each post on the account is a slideshow that features a set of images or videos by different photographers. Here are the first 7 of them:

Apple tells PetaPixel that over 1 trillion photos are now shot every single year on the iPhone, making it far and away the most popular camera being used in the world. The company wants to highlight the diversity of what both amateur and professional photographers are doing with the camera.

If you’d like to be featured by Apple, all you need to do is use the popular hashtag #shotoniphone on Instagram. If Apple is interested in showcasing your work in front of its global Instagram audience, the company will contact you and inquire about the potential feature, which would include a quote from you and a credit and link back to your Instagram account.

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