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Does Micro Four Thirds Have a Future in Photography?


The photography industry has been shrinking and the COVID-19 pandemic has not made things any better. This smaller market is being shared by the same number of companies, which could mean some huge changes for the industry. As formats go, Micro Four Thirds isn’t looking strong through this time. Every ...

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Wheelchair Accessible Landscape Photography Guide, Part 1


Welcome to the first chapter of my new Wheelchair Accessible Landscape Photography Guide. In the coming weeks I’ll highlight some beautiful landscape photography locations across the United States that are easily accessible no matter your level of mobility. In this episode we explore three stellar destinations in beautiful Colorado. Introduction ...

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You Can Now Use Fujifilm X and GFX Cameras as Webcams on Mac


Following in Canon’s footsteps, Fujifilm has just released a Mac version of its Fujifilm X Webcam software. The original version of the software—which allows you to use various X-Series and GFX cameras as webcams for streaming and video conferencing over USB, without the need for a capture card—was only available ...

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DXOMark Admits They Screwed Up Their Canon 1D X Mark III Review


Earlier today, DXOMark issued an apology. The popular sensor testing company revised its controversially low score for the Canon 1D X Mark III, admitting that “erroneous testing data” had affected the scoring and screwed up their initial review. In other words: this sensor is much better than they thought. When ...

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