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The Blind Photographer: Meet Portrait Shooter Ian Treherne


Here’s a 3-minute video by Wex Photo Video about portrait photographer Ian Treherne, a man who succeeds despite deafness and blindness. At the age of 15, Treherne was diagnosed with a deteriorating eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa. While his vision still remains to a degree, Treherne will one day lose ...

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The Science Behind Forced Perspective


Here’s a 15-minute video by Filmmaker IQ about exactly what forced perspective is and how it works in photography. Forced perspective is an optical illusion where an object may appear smaller or larger, or nearer or further away, than it actually is. This is done by controlling the distance and vantage ...

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The Pixentu Photo Jacket Turns You Into a Walking Camera Bag


Pixentu is a new wearable photography jacket that’s designed to allow photographers to leave their camera bags at home — it’s essentially a wearable camera bag. Coming in three different styles (street, outdoor, or a neat travel blazer), this jacket has an answer for different types of photographers. Street photographer ...

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Adobe: No, We’re Not Killing Lightroom Classic


Adobe is pushing further into the world of cloud-based software, and this week it rebranded Lightroom as Lightroom Classic CC so that the company’s new cloud-oriented app could be called Lightroom CC. But if your loyalties lie with the desktop app formerly known as Lightroom, don’t worry: Adobe says it ...

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