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This Photo Shows Jupiter’s Size in the Sky Compared to the Moon


Jupiter and the Moon were in conjunction this week, appearing close together in the night sky. The event led astrophotography enthusiast Rami Ammoun to create this composite photo showing the relative sizes of the two celestial objects in the sky as seen from Earth. Ammoun was shooting from Richmond, Virginia, ...

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The Tragic Death of My Nikon D850


It is always sad to read stories of how others lose or damage their camera gear, and I guess all of us would say, “That would never happen to me because I am cautious and won’t risk my expensive equipment.” As a travel, concert, and event photographer, from time to ...

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How to Land a Photography Assistant Job


I firmly believe that assisting a photographer whose work you admire is one of the greatest learning opportunities available to us and can provide invaluable experience. I remember the first time I was on set with a ‘real’ fashion photographer. I felt like entirely new universes were opening up before ...

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3 Camera Settings To Master For Landscape Photography


When you purchase a new camera, how much time do you spend reading the manual? I find most camera manuals rather difficult to follow along with, and I for one very rarely use them. What’s interesting is that camera manuals only describe the technical “how to” side of things, like ...

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These Photos Show Why We Need to Preserve the Night Sky


Due to the rapid growth in population, an increasing percentage of the human population lives in cities and suburbs where the night sky is completely obscured by the artificial lights. Skylines littered with lit skyscrapers reach sky high. An endless river of traffic flashing high beams. And the cities are ...

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