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Huawei Launches First Photo Contest Co-Judged by a Phone AI


Huawei has announced the world’s photography competition to be co-judged by artificial intelligence on a phone. It’s called the “Spark a RenAIssance Photo Challenge.” In addition to being evaluated by a professional Leica photographer, every photo is first judged by the Huawei P20 aPro smartphone. When the P20 Pro was ...

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Kodak Bitcoin Mining ‘Scam’ Killed by SEC


Back in January, the tech world balked when a Kodak-branded Bitcoin miner called the Kodak KashMiner was unveiled at the CES trade show in Las Vegas. It seems that photography and cryptocurrency enthusiasts weren’t the only ones that balked: the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) actually blocked the KashMiner ...

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That Weird Symbol on Your Camera is the Film Plane Indicator


If you use an interchangeable-lens camera, your camera probably has a weird symbol that looks like a circle with a line through it. If you’ve never learned what this symbol is, here’s a 2-minute video by ZY Productions that explains the film/sensor plane indicator. The film plane indicator symbol on ...

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FIFA to Broadcasters: Stop Zooming In on ‘Hot Women’


The 2018 World Cup came to an end yesterday, but FIFA has a warning for broadcasters and their camera operators moving forward: stop zooming in on “hot women” in the stands during soccer matches. BBC Sport reports that the warning was issued by Federico Addiechi, the diversity boss of soccer’s ...

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Nikon Working on Finger Sensors That Can Read Your Emotions


Canon is known to be working on fingerprint sensors for cameras and lenses, but Nikon is apparently going a step further: it’s developing biometric sensors for cameras and lenses that can detect biological information as well as your mood when shooting a photo. The patent (JP2017-143581), first discovered and and ...

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Fujifilm Launches Provia 100F-Flavored Instant Noodles


Fujifilm has launched its latest Film Simulation product: this time, they’re instant noodles. And no, it’s not a photo filter look that’s named “instant noodles” — Fujifilm literally released some real instant noodles. The instant noodles are being released by Fujifilm Korea as part of a promotional giveaway. The outside ...

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How to Find and Photograph Bears in Yellowstone


Yellowstone is one of the most visited parks in the United States, and for good reason. It’s full of unique thermal features and one of the last great destinations for an abundance of wildlife. Even if you come for the geysers and hot springs, you’ll want to stay longer and ...

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Nikon 500mm f/5.6 Spotted. It’s TINY!


Nikon announced last month that it’s developing an ultra-portable 500mm f/5.6 PF ED VR lens. Here’s a photo of the actual lens — as you can see, Nikon wasn’t kidding when it said the 500mm lens is “ultra-portable.” Moscow-based photojournalist Pavel Bednyakov of the newspaper Izvestia was invited to a ...

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