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How to Do Corporate Headshot Photography


If you’re interested in branching out your photo business to include corporate headshots, here’s a helpful 24-minute tutorial that can help you get started. In it, photographer Sean Tucker shares his system of effectively photographing a large number of people in a short amount of time. “This isn’t usually glamorous ...

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Canon is Now Out of the Film Camera Business After 80 Years


Canon just officially discontinued the EOS-1V, the company’s last remaining film camera. The move brings an official end to Canon’s film camera business after an 80-year run. Canon entered the camera industry back in 1937 as Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory, creating a Leica clone called “The Kwanon” that was Japan’s ...

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This $70 Old Projector Lens Captures Intense Swirly Bokeh


The Carl Zeiss Kipronar 120mm f/1.9 is a vintage cinema projector lens that was designed to beam images rather than capture photos, but you can mount it to modern cameras using adapters. Photographer Mathieu Stern created a homemade adapter after buying the lens for $70 and has been delighted by ...

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He Said No, Fox News Used His Images Anyway


Over the weekend, Ellicott City, Maryland was pummeled by massive rainfall, which triggered devastating flash floods through the historic district of town. Resident Max Robinson was trapped in an apartment building near Main St and Maryland Ave when he started documenting what transpired on Twitter. Note: This article contains strong ...

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How a Rocket Launch Melted a NASA Photographer’s Canon DSLR


One of the viral stories on the Web last week was how NASA photographer Bill Ingalls had his remote Canon DSLR melted while shooting a SpaceX rocket launch. NASA has since revealed more details regarding exactly what happened. When the photo of Ingalls’ charred camera first started making the rounds, ...

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This is Why You Need to Be Careful with Camera Clips


Modern quick-release camera clips are designed to hold your camera firmly when it’s not needed while allowing it to detach easily when it is. But if there’s any equipment or user failure in the system, that failure could be catastrophic for your gear… and that’s what one photographer just found ...

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Cloud Cam Timelapse Captures Glow of Hawaii Volcano


The Gemini Observatory on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea dormant volcano has a cloud camera that’s used to monitor sky conditions. But during the ongoing eruption of the Kīlauea volcano, the camera has also been capturing the eruptions dramatic and eerie glow through clouds. Above is a 48-second time-lapse of the glow ...

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The Leica M7 Has Been Discontinued


It’s the end of an era: Leica has discontinued the M7 film rangefinder, the last numbered M series camera before the Leica M8 brought the iconic line into the realm of digital photography. Red Dot Forum reports that Leica has ended production of the M7 in both black and silver. ...

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