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Photo-a-Day Projects Improve Well-Being, Study Finds


Shooting a photo every day and then sharing it online improves your well-being. That’s what scientists found after studying a group of people who have committed themselves to photo-a-day projects (often referred to as “Project365“). The findings were just published in a paper titled “The daily digital practice as a ...

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This is the World’s First Gigapixel Timelapse


The UK contact lens retailer Lenstore has released the world’s first gigapixel timelapse. Titled 24 Hour London, the images show a view of England’s capital city over a period of 24 hours in February 2018. TechRadar reports that the project was a collaboration between Lenstore, photographer Henry Stuart of Visualise, ...

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Using a 140-Year-Old Lens on a $15,000 RED Camera


How does a 140-year-old lens perform on a modern $15,000 cinema camera? Photographer and filmmaker Mathieu Stern wanted to find out, so he paired his ancient (by photography standards) lens with a 5K RED camera to see what would result. Here’s a 4-minute video by Stern about the experiment: “It’s ...

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Dry Glass Plate Photography is Back


In the era of the “selfie”, of the relentless click-and-publish images on social media, of the mega sensors replete with megapixels, we are witnessing an unpredictable resurgence of many ancient photographic devices and techniques. Wet collodion (tintypes) and many other alternative photo processes are being keenly rediscovered today and there ...

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A Closer Look at the Stuffed Anteater Photo Contest Scandal


Brazilian photographer Marcio Cabral was disgraced last week after he was stripped of his 1st prize by the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Judges accuse Cabral of staging his photo using a stuffed anteater. More specifically, Cabral allegedly used a taxidermy anteater found at the entrance of the ...

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