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7 advanced ways to get more from your Canon camera


Canon’s compact and interchangeable-lens cameras are packed with so many useful options that there’s a good chance you may overlook some of these, or potentially not even know how they benefit your picture taking. Here are seven ways to get the most out of your Canon camera. 1. Increase your ...

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Project 366, Day 26: Oranges


Project 366, Day 26: Oranges There’s not too much to say about this one. It’s a close up of one of those orange bags. I liked the shapes it made, plus the reflection of light from the window. I placed it on some orange card, as I found that worked ...

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This is What a Virtual Reality Photo Exhibition is Like


Don’t have the time or money to visit a photo exhibition you’re interested in? In the future, paying a visit will be as simple as strapping a virtual reality headset to your head. At EyeEm‘s Photo Hack Day 4 in Berlin recently, one of the apps developed was called Rooms. ...

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8 Tips for Any Photographer Using Any Camera


As 2016 gets underway, I’d like to share 8 tips on how to take and make better images. To prove that this has nothing to do with how much fancy gear you have, all these tips can be applied to any camera, and all the example images were shot and ...

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Creative B&W Portraits by Photographer Peter Jamus


Peter Jamus is a traveling photographer whose portfolio is loaded with striking black-and-white portraits. Often surreal, the images explore light and shadows, lines and shapes, and the form of the human body. “I believe photography is about the moment, nothing more, and nothing less. Being here now,” Jamus says. “Photographs ...

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Yongnuo YN360 is an App-Controlled LED Light Wand for Just $62


Yongnuo is a Hong Kong-based photo gear company that’s best known for making cheap flashes and creating near-identical clones of popular Canon and Nikon prime lenses. Now the company is branching off into yet another area: LED light wand. The upcoming YN360 is a new LED light wand that provides ...

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How to make a Star Wars lightsaber in Photoshop


How to make a Star Wars lightsaber in Photoshop Feel the Force awaken as we show you how to make a Star Wars lightsaber in Photoshop by mastering the software’s colour balance tool. All Star Wars fans dream of owning their very own lightsaber. The Jedi Knight’s weapon of choice ...

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Project 366, Day 27: Shiny


Project 366, Day 27: Shiny This is one of my shoes! It doesn’t really look like this when you see it from a normal distance, but that’s one of the things I love about a macro lens. Again, I loved the reflections here. READ MORE Abstract photography: how to capture ...

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