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Meike Unveils the 85mm f/1.8 MF Lens for Sony FE


The Hong Kong-based gear manufacturer Meike has unveiled its new 85mm f/1.8 lens for Sony full-frame E-mount cameras. The manual-focus lens features a 9-blade circular aperture for beautiful bokeh and is great for portrait photography. Features and specs include a minimum focus distance of 2.8 feet (0.85m), 9 elements in ...

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How to Make a Rifle Stock for Your Camera


Want a camera stabilizer that’s sure to attract (perhaps unwanted) attention? Just add a rifle-style stock to it. Alex over at I did a thing made this humorous 5-minute video showing how he built such a stabilizer for his own DSLR. Alex says he was inspired to create the stock ...

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Randomizing Photo Shoots to Stretch My Creativity


I am a fan of light (honestly what photographer isn’t?). Hard light; reflected light; dappled light; low-key light; colored light — I love it all. Light makes or breaks not only my images but my mood. I’d venture to say that light is sandwiched between “belonging” and “safety” on my ...

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Shooting Street Portraits with a Go Go Gadget Octobox


My name is Brendan Burkett, and I believe I have created an original device and street photography method. What I have done is attach a softbox to my back for ultimate portability. This allows me to get street portraits with a very unique light. I live in Cincinnati and it ...

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Colourise.sg Uses AI to Colorize B&W Photos


Want to turn some old black-and-white photos into color photos? There’s an amazing new website called Colourise.sg that’ll get the job done for you. It uses deep learning AI to create remarkably realistic results in just seconds with zero work on your part. Colourise was developed in Singapore recently by ...

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Flickr Unveils a New Login That Ditches Yahoo’s System


After being acquired by Yahoo in 2005, Flickr became bound to its new owner’s authorization system, meaning all users needed to have a Yahoo account just to use Flickr. Flickr has just announced a new login system that finally frees the service from Yahoo. Flickr says that a revamped login ...

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