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This Guy Turned a Sony a7R III Into a Leica Q2


We’ve seen some unusual camera modding projects before, but this one is next level. Someone over in China took a $2,500 Sony a7R III, took it apart, and, through an insane amount of work, turned it into a $5,000 Leica Q2. The project was shared to the Chinese social media ...

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Landscape Photography with an Old $79 Camera from 2007


Photographer Toma Bonciu of Photo Tom recently decided to experiment with doing landscape photography with an outdated digital camera. He bought a Canon PowerShot S5 IS from 2007 for $79 from Amazon and took it out into the great outdoors to see what he could get. The 8-megapixel camera only ...

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In Defense of Zoom Lenses: A Wedding Photographer’s View


I’ll begin by saying that I don’t only shoot with zoom lenses. I should also add that what I’m about to say is perhaps most relevant to other wedding photographers, particularly those shooting in a documentary style like myself. If I was a landscape or portrait photographer for example, and ...

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Intervalometerator: Open Source Code for a Remote Timelapse DSLR


Want to set up a remote DSLR for shooting a time-lapse? The Intervalometerator (AKA ‘intvlm8r’) is an open-source intervalometer that can help you do so at minimal hardware cost (as long as you’re comfortable tinkering with hardware and software). Created by Sydney-based coder Greig Sheridan and his photographer partner Rocky ...

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This Crazy Camera Rig Spins a Phantom Camera at 150RPM


Steve Giralt is a photographer and “visual engineer” who uses wild-looking camera rigs to capture eye-popping shots seen in ads. His latest project involved a large, heavy camera rig that spins a Phantom VEO 4K high-speed camera around a tabletop subject at 150 rotations per minute. The camera reaches linear ...

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