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Review: The Light L16 is Brilliant… and Braindead


On Oct 8, 2015, a completely unknown company announced a new camera which promised to change how we think about photography: “The L16 combines breakthrough optics design with never-before-seen imaging technology to bring you the camera of the future.” The L16 would use 16 camera modules with varying focal lengths ...

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Sony a7R III Weather Sealing: A Closer Examination


When we finished our teardown of the a7R III, we didn’t anticipate just how badly people wanted to see the new camera body’s weather sealing. This may seem like a no-brainer since weather sealing is something avid Sony mirrorless camera shooters like myself are pining for (not that it’s stopped ...

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A Mantis Shrimp-Inspired Camera That Sees Polarized Light


Researchers from the University of Illinois have managed to create a new camera called the Mantis Cam that can see polarized light. This technology provides possible solutions for everything from unlocking the mysteries of the underwater world to early cancer detection. The research was published in the journal Optica and takes its inspiration ...

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Freefly Movi is a Cinematic Gimbal for Your Smartphone


Freefly creates professional drone and gimbal solutions for the cinema industry, and today it released a specialized gimbal for smartphones: the Freefly Movi. “Movi’s incredible stabilization technology is the same found in our professional rigs,” says Freefly. “Freefly Gimbals are first-in-class stabilizers used in multimillion-dollar films.” “Movi was designed to ...

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Why I Switched from Sony to Canon for Video


Choosing the right camera can be one of the hardest decisions you will make and possibly one of the most expensive one too. In the last 3 years, I’ve gone through over 10 different cameras before finally being happy and content with what I have now. The competition is fierce ...

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This 32-Inch Philips Display with 99% Adobe RGB and HDR is Only $500


Philips has announced a new 32-inch professional monitor with HDR and 99% Adobe RGB coverage: the Philips Brilliance QHD LCD P-line 328P6AUBREB. The best part: this high-end monitor will only cost around $500. With USB-C docking for “simplicity and single cable docking,” this monitor is designed for professionals who demand ...

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A Teardown of the New Sony a7R III


Our pre-ordered Sony a7R III finally arrived this weekend, and we couldn’t wait to crack it open and see what’s inside. The a7R III has been receiving a lot of positive reviews and I can see why. First off, the camera looks and feels great. And, we finally got two ...

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