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Analog is Left but Digital is Right?


Having learned photography in the time of manual analog film cameras, I know digital feels different. And for me, it’s all about the “left and right of photography.” Analog photography is predominantly a left-handed pursuit but digital is predominantly right-handed. The question that begs to be asked is “what influence ...

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DIY Lighting Performance Boosters


For many years, I have been modifying and adapting lighting and camera equipment to better fit my style of shooting. The process of altering lighting gear, as well as combining products that were not originally intended to work together, is of particular importance to me these days, as I constantly ...

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Pushed to the Limit: Kodak Portra 3 Stops Over


At night, it can be especially difficult getting enough light to shoot film. There are no color emulsions with speeds higher than ISO 800, and most stocks don’t even exceed 400. Pushing enables you to add sensitivity past the recommended ‘box speed’ of your film. Most labs adhere to the ...

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5 Killer Features and 14 Weaknesses of Sony Mirrorless Cameras


Camera reviewer Michael Andrew (AKA Michael the Maven) has quite a bit of experience in shooting with Sony mirrorless cameras, and he decided to share what he believes are 5 killer features and 14 weaknesses that you’ll find in the lineup. 5 Killer Features #1. Sensor Design: The backside-illuminated sensors ...

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Peel-Apart Instant Film is Back, and It’s Called ONE INSTANT


Fujifilm killed off the last peel-apart instant film when it discontinued its FP-100C back in 2016 despite an effort from Impossible founder Florian Kaps to keep it alive. But now, two years later, Kaps has just announced the re-birth and re-invention of peel-apart instant film: it’s called ONE INSTANT. Developed ...

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Samsung Caught Using DSLR Photo to Fake Its Phone’s ‘Portrait Mode’


Smartphones are sometimes marketed these days as being capable of shooting “DSLR-quality photos.” Samsung went a step further: it was just caught using an actual DSLR photo to fake its smartphone’s “portrait mode.” Serbia-based photographer Dunja Djudjic was recently notified by the photo sharing service EyeEm that someone had licensed ...

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