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This Guy Made His Own 90mm f/2.8 Lens from Scratch


Plenty of photographers these days try their hands at making their own cameras, but Swedish photographer, inventor, and camera maker Mats Wernersson recently did something a little more unusual: he made his own 90mm f/2.8 lens from scratch. You can watch his build process in the 4-minute video above. The ...

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Amazon’s Echo Look is Your Personal Fashion Photographer


Amazon has announced a new camera. Called the Echo Look, it’s a hands-free camera that you can use to shoot self-portraits that are triggered by your voice. The product is a combination of having a voice assistant, personal photographer, and fashion consultant. After putting together your outfit for the day, ...

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Top 5 Smartphone Cameras Compete in Blind Test


What do the OnePlus 3T, iPhone 7+, Google Pixel XL, Samsung Galaxy S8, and LG G6 have in common? They’re 5 of the best smartphones for photography. And in this blind camera comparison, you get to pick your favorite without any unconscious (or conscious) bias clouding your judgement. The comparison ...

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