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5 Best Lenses for Portrait Photography


Questions on the subject of lens choice are as limitless as lens choice itself. Show me 10 photographers and I’ll show you at least 11 divergent opinions on which lens is right for a particular type of photograph. On my sets and amongst the assistants, digital techs, and creatives I ...

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Fossil’s Q Smartwatch Puts Instagram Husbands Out of a Job


Selective color, bad HDR, over-sharpening, we’ve all seen (and if we’re honest, probably made) these Photoshop mistakes… but are you sure you’re still not committing some Photoshop faux pas? In this video, Nate Dodson of TutVid covers 10 common novice mistakes you should avoid. I’m a big fan of the ...

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Swirly Bokeh for Cheap: Shooting with a $40 Vintage Soviet Lens


The iMac with its beautiful 27-inch high-res screen and minimal design has long been a favorite of many creatives—if not for their studio, then as their home computer. Microsoft’s innovative, beautiful new Surface Studio wants to change all that. It wants to kill the iMac. The woman known as “Afghan ...

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Google Pixel Has a Lens Flare Problem, Software Fix Coming


Google says its new Pixel smartphone has the best smartphone camera ever made, but it looks like the company still has some issues to work out. Pixel owners are reporting that the camera sometimes captures annoying lens flares in photos. The problem was first reported yesterday on Reddit and in ...

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OnePlus 3 Smartphone RAW Photo Review


The OnePlus 3 smartphone amazed me in many ways. There are many things I love about this phone: from the build quality, to the speed of the Android interface. But the camera is where this phone really shines. This summer I got the chance to take some photos and test ...

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How I Made a DIY Universal Tripod L-Bracket for Under $5


So what is a “Universal Tripod L-Bracket”? Well, I’m not sure, because I couldn’t find another on the market quite like it. Some tripod manufacturers make L-brackets specific to their own tripod, but I found nothing universal. Well, since that did me no good and I’m an inventive fellow, I ...

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