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8 Camera Hacks in Just 90 Seconds


We’ve seen our fair share of strange, voyeuristic, and sometimes ethically questionable photo and video projects, but this one tops the list. After having his phone stolen, film student Anthony van der Meer hatched a plan: he had another phone stolen on purpose, and then followed the thief around for ...

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This Can Tell You if Your Canon 50mm f/1.8 II is a Fake


Thomas Heaton became everyone’s hero recently when he decided to tell off some inconsiderate tourists ruining everybody’s view of a lava flow in Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park. Light pollution is a drag for night sky photographers, usually requiring some post-processing magic in Lightroom or Photoshop to fix. But what if ...

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Video Shows You How to Use a Vintage Mechanical Light Meter


This is painful to watch. After spending all day setting up and preparing to capture a smokestack demolition for her newspaper, Reading Eagle staff photographer Susan L. Angstadt was horrendously, tragically, epically photobombed by a guy with an iPhone during the moment of truth. There are more ways than ever ...

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Canon Files 2 Curved Sensor Patents, One You Can Control


TIME magazine revealed this week that President-elect Donald Trump has been selected as its Person of the Year. After seeing the cover design, people immediately began to point out that the “M” in the TIME logo appears to form horns on Trump’s head. My name is Jeff Cable, and I’m ...

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