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Nikon May Be Working On a ‘Large Sensor’ Mirrorless Camera: Report


Steve McCurry has responded to the recent hoopla surrounding his Photoshopped photos. The famed photographer explains that he’s now a “visual storyteller” rather than a photojournalist, but says he will “rein in his use of Photoshop” going forward to remove any confusion. As the world’s fastest land animal, the cheetah’s ...

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The World’s Smallest Photo Office


Much has been written about the Steve McCurry Photoshop scandal since we originally reported on the story earlier this month. The NPPA Ethics Committee writes that the new revelations have “triggered a troubling reexamination of McCurry’s storied 40-year career.” One morning last December, I woke up and noticed that a ...

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Sigma to Release an 85mm f/1.4 Art Lens Soon: Report


One morning last December, I woke up and noticed that a dream of mine came true: I had taken a picture that went viral. A picture I took at a friend’s wedding had been shared by UNILAD on Facebook with the caption “Best wedding photo ever.” This short little tutorial ...

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This is a $11,000 Canon Lens Completely Disassembled


Here’s a short and sweet 4-minute video that’s packed with 23 different “ninja tips” that can help you in your street photography (or your next photo walk). COOPH followed photographer Thomas … On Friday, I lost my $2,800 Apple MacBook Pro by following standard TSA security protocols at Los Angeles ...

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A Closer Look at the Impossible I-1 Instant Camera


Over on Tumblr, there’s a new blog called Guns Replaced with Selfie Sticks. As the title suggests, the site features movie stills from action films with all the guns Photoshopped out and replaced with selfie sticks. Canon announced back in September 2015 that it’s building a 120-megapixel DSLR. This week, ...

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