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Hands On with the Small but Mighty Profoto B10


I got my hands on a pair of the new Profoto B10 for some hands-on shoot testing from Profoto. If you just want to see the photos, scroll to the end of the article. If you want to get a little background on the ideas and the tech, read on. ...

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Are DSLRs Still the Best Choice?


I’m going to do one of my end-of-year assessments a little earlier this year. Many of you will be struggling with buying decisions this holiday season because of all the higher-end mirrorless cameras that appeared in and around Photokina. I’ve now had the chance to use virtually every new camera—some ...

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Leica Unveils the Q-P, Essentially a Q Without the Red Dot


Leica today announced the Leica Q-P, a camera the company calls an “artful statement of understatement.” It’s essentially a Leica Q that has had the red dot removed. The full-frame compact camera boasts a “stealthy yet elegant” matte black body with a clean and minimalist front face. The Leica branding ...

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Tragopan Blinds Are Made Specifically for Wildlife Photographers


If you’re a wildlife photographer who uses a hunting blind to stay hidden from your subjects, you might want to check out Tragopan. It’s a relatively young brand that’s designing blinds specifically for the needs of photographers, not hunters. “Photographers in the U.S have long had to use crappy hunting ...

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