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Shooting Portraits of Sonoma County Wildfire Victims


About six months ago, I created a portrait series titled Ashes Fell Like Snow, photographing people affected by the Northern California wildfires and gathering their stories to share with the world. Creating this collection of portraits required much effort in a short span of time. The evening of October 8th, ...

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Photographer Cuts His Own Wet Plates on a 75-Year-Old Machine


Photographer Markus Hofstaetter often gets asked about how he acquires the plates he uses for wet plate collodion photography. To answer that question, Hofstaetter made this 7-minute video showing how he has them custom cut on a 75-year-old machine. The sheet metal sheer machine he uses was manufactured in 1942 ...

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How I Built a Star Tracker for DSLRs


My name is Gerald Gattringer, and I’m a photographer based in Austria. I recently built myself a custom star tracker for DSLRs, and it works pretty well! In this article, I’ll share how I did it. The photo above is the finished product. You are looking at an Arduino-powered self-made ...

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Fujifilm SQ6: The First Analog Square-Format Instax Camera


Fujifilm has just announced the new Instax Square SQ6, the world’s first analog square-format Instax camera. Fujifilm announced the square-format SQ10 camera in 2017, but that’s a hybrid camera that can create both digital images as well as square-format instant photos. The new SQ6 does away with the digital side ...

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Here’s a Teardown of a Leica M Camera


There are about 1,200 moving parts inside a Leica M rangefinder. In this 3.5-minute video, Tamarkin Camera in Chicago disassembles a Leica M give show what goes on inside the famous red dot cameras. Still frame from video by Tamarkin Camera. You can find more of Tamarkin Camera’s videos on ...

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