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A Hands-On Review of the Fujilfilm GFX 50S Medium Format DSLR


Here’s a 9-minute hands-on field test of the Fujifilm GFX 50S by photographer Kai W. This $6,500 medium-format camera boasts a 51-megapixel sensor and may be an option landscape photographers may want to look into. The first thing Kai noticed was the lightweight body. At just 800 grams with the battery ...

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iPhone X Portrait Lighting Versus Real Studio Lighting


The new iPhone X has a number of Portrait Lighting looks that allow users to “fake” professional lighting styles. Here’s a 4-minute video by photographer Daniel DeArco that compares the iPhone X’s Portrait Lighting with the real studio lighting setups they’re designed to mimic. All the images in these comparisons are taken ...

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Olympus Unveils Smart Glasses with a 2.4-Megapixel Camera


Olympus today unveiled a new camera — one that’s unlike any of the company’s modern digital cameras. The 2.4-megapixel camera is found in the new Olympus EyeTrek Insight EI-10 smart glasses. Designed for “business applications,” the EI-10 glasses allows users to see the built-in display without blocking vision. The concept ...

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This is What Photos From a $63,000 Camera Look Like


What kind of images does a $63,000 stills camera produce? Here’s a 19-minute video by Ted Forbes of The Art of Photography in which he uses a Phase One XF medium format DSLR to show the bang for your buck that you get when you spend 63 grand on a camera ...

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