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Silberra Wants to Mass Produce New B&W Film Lines


Silberra is a young analog photo company based in Russia that has big goals in the camera film industry: it just launched a $115,000 crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to mass produce over 6 new black-and-white film stocks. The company was born in 2009 and adopted the Silberra brand earlier this ...

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Fujifilm Killing Off More Films in 2018, and Things Look Grim


Fujifilm will be killing off more of its camera film products in 2018, further dwindling the company’s limited selection of analog offerings. The company announced earlier this month on its Japanese website that a number of multi-film packs will be discontinued starting in March 2018. Here’s the list: Fujicolor Superia ...

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This is How You Replace the Shutter in a DSLR


Want to see how the shutter system in a modern DSLR is replaced once it fails? The South African camera repair company Photographic Repairs shared this time-lapse of a shutter replacement surgery involving a Canon 6D. “If you have seen “Error 20″ on your Canon DSLR before and wondered what ...

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Building an 8×10 Large Format Camera Entirely By Hand


Photographer Dieter Schneider started building cameras about five years ago, and last year he fashioned a 4×5 camera using a CNC Machine. This year he took things to yet another level, creating an 8×10 large format camera entirely by hand without using computer-aided machinery. You can watch the entire build ...

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This is How the Nikon D850’s Negative Digitizer Mode Works


My name is Richard Haw, and I’m a photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. In this post, I’ll show you how scanning film works with the Nikon D850’s unique new “Negative Digitizer Mode.” I have been digitizing my negatives using DSLRs for some time now, using the Nikon Picture Control to ...

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