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This Man Collects Mid-Century Modern Cameras


David Silver is a San Francisco-based camera collector who began collecting vintage cameras as a young man, eventually amassing over 2,300 of them. He has since developed a focus and whittled his collection down to a little over 200 of them. Here’s a 5-minute video by Gizmodo that profiles Silver. ...

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Yongnuo YN43 Turns Your Phone Into a M4/3 Mirrorless Camera


Yongnuo is getting fancy. The Chinese manufacturer best known for making clone lenses and other camera accessories has quietly revealed a new smartphone add-on called the YN43 that turns your smartphone into a Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera. First reported by Photo Rumors, the official product photos for the YN43 ...

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Yongnuo Unveils 60mm f/2 Macro Lens


Yongnuo is continuing to expand its 3rd-party lens offerings. Just months after announcing a 14mm f/2.8 ultra-wide-angle autofocus lens, the company is now announcing its first macro lens, the YN 60mm f/2 MF. The manual focus lens has a minimum focus distance of 0.234m (~9.2 inches) and a magnification ratio ...

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Hasselblad Launches Its Widest Lens Ever, The XCD 21mm f/4


Hasselblad has launched its widest lens ever, the new XCD 21mm f/4 designed for the X1D-50c medium format mirrorless camera. “The high-performing 21mm f/4 lens brings together the compact format of the XCD range with the maximum optical quality across the frame with a wide field of view,” Hasselblad says. ...

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A Comparison of all the 120 Film Stocks on the Market


If you’re looking to get into shooting medium format film but aren’t sure which film stock to start with, check out this helpful 16-minute video by The Slanted Lens. Photographer Jay P. Morgan purchased all the B&W and color 120 film rolls he could get his hands on and did ...

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How to Use Your Camera In the Coldest Places on Earth


When you take your camera to some of the coldest places on Earth, you’ll face a unique set of challenges that most photographers never have to worry about. Here’s an interesting 9-minute video in which filmmaker and photographer Anthony Powell shares some of his top tips for shooting in the ...

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Cross Processing Kodak Portra 400 in E6


What do you get when you cross process the most popular negative medium format film on the market? I asked myself that question after having a crossing run-in with Fuji Pro 160, a film that I normally avoid. The photos were out of this world and I wondered what would ...

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X-Ray Photos Reveal the Evolution of Cameras


Fossils can tell us a lot about the history of living things. Photographer Kent Krugh is creating a “fossil record” of sorts for cameras. His project Speciation is a series of X-ray photos of cameras that provides a brief history of photography, as told through the evolution of the camera. ...

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This is a $10,000 Canadian Selfie Stick


After watching the spread of the selfie stick over the past several years, photographer Peter McKinnon recently decided to try one himself for the first time. But then he decided he wanted something better… so he built himself a $10,000 ultra-Canadian selfie stick. The 8-minute video above documents McKinnon’s journey ...

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