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Justifying the Noctilux and Its Place in My Workflow


I have gone through the gear of almost every major brand during my early photography journey, buying my way through cameras and lenses until I arrived at my current setup, which has remained more or less the same for my entire professional career. Despite settling on a brand known for ...

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A 3.5-Year Review of the $4K Leica Q


If there’s a fundamental flaw with product reviews, it’s the typically short duration that reviewers have with the item before hitting a publishing deadline or needing to return the product to the manufacturer. With rapid product refreshes, the lifetime of any particular product can be short, which can often render ...

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LIT Flash is an Off-Camera Xenon Flash for Smartphone Cameras


Want a powerful off-camera flash but your camera of choice is a smartphone? LIT Flash is an innovative new handheld wireless Xenon flash that’s designed specifically to meet your needs. The flash was created by Marko Pirc of Slovenia, who previously made a splash with the Lumu smartphone light meter. ...

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Creative Lighting Using an Optical Snoot


I am always looking for new and easy ways to light part of an object or create interesting light in an image, and I think I have found the perfect tool for just that and so much more! Pixapro’s Optical Snoot has opened up a more efficient way to be ...

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The World’s First Etch A Sketch Camera


Self-taught programmer Martin Fitzpatrick of Two Bit Arcade has created the world’s first Etch A Sketch digital camera. It captures digital photos and then outputs them by drawing them onto the Pocket Etch A Sketch “screen” found on the back. The camera is powered by Raspberry Pi Zero. After a ...

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Shooting Portraits Wide Open Versus Stopping Down


If you have a fast and expensive lens, it may feel like a waste to shoot portraits stopped down to f/8, f/11, or f/16. But in this 20-minute video, photographer Miguel Quiles explains why he often opts to shoot stopped down instead of wide open for increased depth of field ...

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This Multi Turret Lets You Mount 3 Lenses on 1 Camera


Want to be able to quickly switch between lenses with the flick of your wrist? The Multi Turret is coming to help. It’s a turret lens system that allows you to mount three different lenses onto one camera. Newsshooter got a sneak peek of the Multi Turret at NAB 2019 ...

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