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Experiments in Antique USSR Film


Want to hear a communist joke? Well, they are only really funny if everyone gets them, but if you still want to hear it, then Soviet: A worker standing in a liquor line says: “I have had enough, save my place, I am going to shoot Gorbachev.” Two hours later ...

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Kodak Unveils New Smile Line of Instant Cameras and Printers


The company C+A Global has announced a new line of Kodak instant cameras and printers called Smile. The new products are designed to help the masses shoot and share Zink instant photos. The Kodak Smile Classic Instant Print digital camera (shown above) features a Polaroid-style design consisting of a pop-up ...

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The Move to Mirrorless From DSLRs


Back in May of last year, I finally made the move and got myself an a7 III. I had wanted a Sony body for quite some time but was hesitant to switch. Before getting into my long-term review, I’ll first explain what made me make the switch. When I sold ...

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This is Leica’s Official Sensor Cleaning Process


Want to see how Leica does its official digital camera sensor cleanings? Here’s a 20-minute video that steps through the process. Leica Society member Hari Subramanyam shot the video after taking his Leica M (Typ 240) and Leica SL to Leica Camera AG for its sensor cleaning service. Customer service ...

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Canon: An 8K EOS R Camera is On the Way


Canon stood on the sidelines while the mirrorless industry went 4K and didn’t introduce a 4K mirrorless camera until the EOS M50 in February 2018. But it seems the company is done being complacent: Canon says an 8K EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera is already on its roadmap. Dave Etchells ...

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Don’t Mess With THIS Photographer


A photographer over in Asia is attracting a great deal of attention online after he was spotted shooting birds with his mirrorless camera mounted on a rifle-style stock. Here’s the short clip that has been going wildly viral online (photographer to bird: “say hello to my little friend”): Leon the ...

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This is Nikon’s Updated Mirrorless Lens Roadmap


Nikon just released its latest roadmap for upcoming Nikkor Z Series full-frame mirrorless lenses. There have already been changes to the roadmap since it was first shown at Photokina 2018 a few months ago. Here’s the previous roadmap that Nikon shared during its Z Series announcement on August 22nd, 2018: ...

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