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Fujifilm Announces Big Worldwide Price Hike on Film


Kodak’s film business may finally turn a profit this year thanks to support from Hollywood, but the photographic film industry is still seeing declines in demand. That’s the latest word from Fujifilm, which today just announced a major worldwide price increase for its film lines.This latest price hike will hit ...

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Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream Lids Are Perfect 72mm Lens Caps


Here’s a quirky fact about photography and life: the lids of certain Häagen-Dazs ice cream containers make for perfect lens caps for 72mm lenses.This fact was originally reported by one Japanese photographer who Tweeted it back in 2014: ハーゲンダッツの蓋、72mm径のレンズにはぴったり嵌った(笑) レンズキットでご購入の方、お試しあれ。 pic.twitter.com/3HRnnGr7YB — ugm (@2991219) November 16, 2014 Other Japanese photographers ...

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Ball Drop Test Shows the Strength of Sigma’s Ceramic Lens Filters


Back in December 2015, Sigma announced the world’s first protective lens filters made of ceramic — filters that it claims are 10x stronger than traditional filters and 3x stronger than chemically strengthened filters. Sigma has just published pricing and availability info for the new filters, as well as the above ...

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Olympus Unveils the PEN-F, A Retro Camera Reborn for the Digital Era


Olympus today officially unveiled the new PEN-F, a sleek and retro mirrorless camera that’s designed to be an ultimate tool for street photographers.The new camera is a result of combining the latest digital technology with Olympus’ 80 years of camera-making prowess, the company says. It’s a digital update to the ...

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The First Leaked Photos of the Canon 1D X Mark II


Official product photos of the soon-to-be-announced Canon 1D X Mark II have leaked onto the Web, giving us a glimpse of what Canon has up its sleeve for the next iteration of its flagship DSLR.Japanese website digicame-info obtained and published the photos today. Here’s what the front of the current ...

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Yongnuo YN360 is an App-Controlled LED Light Wand for Just $62


Yongnuo is a Hong Kong-based photo gear company that’s best known for making cheap flashes and creating near-identical clones of popular Canon and Nikon prime lenses. Now the company is branching off into yet another area: LED light wand. The upcoming YN360 is a new LED light wand that provides ...

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I Mounted an Anamorphic Projector Lens to My DSLR


I’ve recently become obsessed with the idea of shooting (something close to) true, 2.35:1 ratio CinemaScope anamorphic on my DSLR camera. This is pretty easily done if you can spend $1,000+ on an anamorphic lens made specifically for a DSLR camera… but I don’t have that kind of cash, so ...

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