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These Portraits Were Made with an Ordinary Flatbed Scanner


Dubai-based artist Maitha Demithan creates unusual-looking portraits of people with a surreal feel and with every subject’s eyes closed or looking away from the “camera.” The reason is because the “photos” were all captured using an ordinary flatbed scanner. Demithan jumped into the world of scanography back in 2009 and ...

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iPhone Portrait Tips by Magnum Photographer Christopher Anderson


Want to get creative with shooting portraits using just your smartphone? Apple made this 3-minute video with advice and inspiration for shooting iPhone portraits from award-winning Magnum photographer Christopher Anderson. “Award-winning photographer and photojournalist Christopher Anderson is known for his magnetic portraiture,” Apple says. “He strives for emotive and timely ...

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Shooting a Steeplechase Horse Race


Jamey Price is a freelance motorsport photographer based in Charlotte, North Carolina, but he shoots way more than cars racing. Here’s a 6-minute video in which Price takes us behind-the-scenes of shooting a steeplechase horse race at Queen’s Cup in Charlotte. Filmed and produced by Austin Gager, the short film ...

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The Art of Lighting Porsche Racecars


Photographing a Porsche is a special experience for me, as I am a racing fan, and Porsche is racing. They are the essence of speed on the curving tracks they have graced around the world, and on a photo shoot, they are just as incredible sitting still. It is for ...

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