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4 Top NYC Photographers Shoot the Same Model


Here’s a new 13-minute video showing a shootout recently done between four popular NYC-based photographers: Joey L, Dani Diamond, Brandon Woelfel, and Jessica Kobeissi. All four are extremely popular online, with hundreds of thousands of followers each just on Instagram (Woelfel has around 1.3 million). All four photographers were tasked ...

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The Masterful Photo Compositions of Henri Cartier-Bresson


Ever wonder what it is that makes Henri Cartier-Bresson’s “decisive moment” photos “work”? Photographer Tavis Leaf Glover put out a two-part video series in which he explores Cartier-Bresson’s famous photos and shows how they conform to various ideas and principles of composition. These videos show “how Henri Cartier-Bresson used dynamic ...

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Photos of a Diver Under an Oil Rig


Here’s an incredible series of underwater photos showing a diver being dwarfed by the gigantic structure of an oil rig. They were shot by award-winning Mexican photographer Anuar Patjane Floriuk. Floriuk shot this series of black-and-white photos at the Tiburon oil platform, which sits abandoned 12 miles east of Tamiahua, ...

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A Timelapse of Star Trails Swirling Over the Oregon Sky


Here’s a beautiful new short film by time-lapse photographer Tyler Hulett of Discover Oregon. Titled “Oregon Trails,” it shows stacked star trails swirling over the beautiful landscapes of Oregon. Each frame in the video is a separate star trail photograph that has been stacked with others to create motion in ...

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