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How I Capture Vibrant Colors Inside Snowflakes


Having photographed snowflakes for nearly a decade as a large component to my career as a photographer, I’ve had the joy of encountering mysteries in the snow and the enthusiasm to sort out the physics behind it. No mystery captivated me more than the first time I saw a ring ...

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For the Love of Film


Just another article about film photography? Well yes, but bear with me and hopefully you’ll see why film really does still have a place in my heart and might have a place in yours too… even when digital is such excellent quality and so convenient. We all know digital is ...

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The Bon Jovi Tour Photographer Behind 13 Sports Illustrated Covers


Here’s an 8-minute video in Adorama‘s “Spotlight” series that features music and sports photographer David Bergman. Originally from Miami, Florida, Bergman started his journey a musician himself, with the aim of eventually becoming a producer. After studying music production, he ended up taking photos for a school newspaper. From then ...

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8 Ideas for Funny Portrait Photos


If you’re looking for a wacky idea for portrait photos, check out this 4.5-minute video by COOPH. It’s a collection of 8 wacky things you can do with things that you can mostly find around a home. Here’s a quick overview of the 8 ideas and an example photo for ...

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Creating a Wet Plate Collodion Photo in a Portable Darkroom


Adrian Cook is a wet plate collodion photographer based in Sydney, Australia. The Guardian made this 7-minute video in which Cook talks about his background and walks through the wet plate collodion process by shooting a photo of Sydney Harbor. “I find [with] digital, there’s no surprises,” Cook says. “I ...

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