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2 Photographers Shoot 1 Model in Ugly Locations


Photographer Jessica Kobeissi is back with another shootout challenge, this time putting herself and photographer Rachel Gulotta to the test by shooting in ugly locations in Stockholm, Sweden. Both Kobeissi and Gulotta got to choose an ugly location, and both tried their hand at shooting great pictures of the same model ...

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8 Reasons Why Photographers Should Learn Video as Well


As photographers, it is very easy to focus on stills and ignore the world of videography. However, video is an increasingly powerful tool and understanding it can benefit your work and career as a stills photographer. This 5-minute video by COOPH offers 8 reasons why you should be getting to ...

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Photos of Cats Doing Martial Arts


Hisakata Hiroyuki is a Japanese photographer who has focused his career on a rather unusual subject matter: action photos of cats that make them look like they’re doing martial arts. Each of the pictures freezes leaping cats in time and makes them look like they’re practicing fighting techniques and sparring ...

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The Blind Photographer: Meet Portrait Shooter Ian Treherne


Here’s a 3-minute video by Wex Photo Video about portrait photographer Ian Treherne, a man who succeeds despite deafness and blindness. At the age of 15, Treherne was diagnosed with a deteriorating eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa. While his vision still remains to a degree, Treherne will one day lose ...

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These are the Best Wildlife Photos of 2017


The prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is now in its 53rd year, and this year’s edition saw nearly 50,000 entries from 92 different countries. You’ve already seen a snapshot of some of the finalists, but last night the winners were announced at an awards ceremony in the Natural ...

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Chris Smith, the Photographer of the US Health Secretary


Here’s a short video released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services last month on the work of photographer Chris Smith, who has served as the Secretary’s photographer in the department for 27 years now. Smith shares about both his journey in photography and some insights into what ...

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