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How Ultra High Speed Cameras Shoot Up to 25,000,000 FPS


Tracking and panning a camera in time with a tank shell seems impossible given that the shell travels at over 1,500 meters per second. Yet, somehow, there are videos showing just that floating around the Internet. Here’s a 7-minute video from Curious Droid that lifts the veil of mystery on ultra high-speed ...

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Nighttime Photos of Tokyo Under the Glow of Neon Lights


German-French graphic designer Matthieu Bühler has been shooting gorgeous nighttime photos of Tokyo, Japan, focusing his attention on the illumination created by all the different neon lights found across the city. His series is titled “Neon Dreams.” Most of the photos are shot with a Canon 6D and Canon 40mm ...

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Pete Souza Looks Back on 1.9 Million Photos of Obama


NPR‘s Fresh Air just aired this fantastic 30-minute interview (here’s a transcript) with Pete Souza, the Chief Official White House Photographer for U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. In it, Souza reflects on 8 years of capturing Obama’s presidency, creating an archive of over 1.9 million photos during that ...

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