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An 8-Hour Photo Walk Around New York City


Early this September, I went up to New York City to photograph Teachers College, Columbia University’s new student orientation. While I was there, I had the opportunity to take some time for myself and walk around New York City, reminiscing about old times. I lived in New York for 5 ...

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A Key to Powerful Portraits: The Eyes


Want to shoot powerful portraits? One of the keys to doing so is focusing on your subject’s eyes. This 2.5-minute video by Light Club is an inspiring look into this critical facet of portraiture. “Leonardo Da Vinci was an early pioneer of the catchlight,” the video states. “Da Vinci realized ...

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Photographing the Eye of the Tiger (Shark)


How would you feel if you were standing at the stern of the boat as twenty 10-foot lemon sharks circle at the surface in front of you and in the depths below an even larger tiger shark cruises the algal reefs? Would you make that jump into the water, with ...

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Lighting a Photo Shoot with 100 Mini LED Lights


We are going to use 100 Lume Cube LED lights to teach you how continuous light can be used on a set. Using continuous light on set for still photography is a great way to learn photographic concepts and getting you comfortable with lighting techniques. Since continuous light never turns ...

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14 of the Best Photos from Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018


The Natural History Museum has released a set of Highly Commended photos from its Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018 competition that honors the world’s best nature photography and photojournalism. “Wildlife Photographer of the Year showcases the world’s best nature photography and photojournalism,” NHM says. “Through their ability to inspire ...

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Supply and Demand: Photography is Like Water


We all know the importance of photography, whether it’s journalism’s role in changing the world to a wonderful moment captured of someone’s special day. As photographers, we value our craft and the importance it has in our lives. But the market is valuing it less and less. Why is that? ...

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The Camera Comes Second


I hated every single one of my photos. My personal hero, Jimmy Chin, would have too if he could have seen them at the time. This existential crisis of Lightroom library disgust became so overwhelming that it eventually became a good reason for me to sell all of my expensive ...

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A Star-Stack Timelapse of a Lightning Storm in Hawaii


Star stacking is a popular technique astro-photographers use to create photos and time-lapses of star trails. But what do you get when a lightning storm is also in the frame? Maui-based photographer Joe Domrad created a mesmerizing time-lapse that will show you. Here’s the 16-second video: Domrad was shooting with ...

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