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Documenting Cosplay Culture in the UK


Long-term projects can be one of the most frustrating creative pursuits for a number of reasons. There is a large investment of time, obviously, but there can also be the uncertainty of where a story goes as you watch it unfold over years, while constantly adjusting and readjusting the scope ...

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What I Avoid in My Street Photography and How


Photographs are as much about what is not included as the subjects in the frame. Being aware of the things I avoid is as helpful to me as the things I gravitate towards when it comes to composing an image. Adding or removing elements through composition is one of the ...

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Some Mistakes That I Recommend You Make Behind the Camera


I can’t help but notice all those articles proclaiming mistakes we should try to avoid in order to become a better photographer. Admittedly, I have issues with such an approach. First of all: I hate the word “should”. Basically we “should” nothing. Secondly, there is not much learning in avoiding ...

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The High Cost of Perfection


Walking past booth after booth at the PhotoPlus Expo in New York, I often heard camera company presenters explaining to their uncomfortably-seated, yet nonetheless-enraptured, audiences how they shot the “perfect” photo. This was typically further explained as having achieved the perfect lighting, the perfect exposure, clear focus from edge-to-edge, etc. ...

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Photos of Dogs Jumping with Colorful Powder Trails


Toronto-based animal photographer Jess Bell has been shooting a wonderful series of photos showing dogs jumping and leaving colorful powder trails in their wake. The photos aren’t the result of Photoshop compositing — they were actually shot with dogs and powder. Bell says the work was inspired by photos captured ...

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Photographing the Same Red Cabin Over the Years


It was in August 2013 that I by accident stumbled upon the red cabin and its surrounding lake. I assume the location has been photographed before my first attempts at capturing its inherent beauty and charm. Owing to the fact that the lake is a drinking water reservoir for a ...

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