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Why to Shoot 2,300 Photos Even if You Only Need 3


What’s the point in shooting thousands of frames when your client only wants a few? In this 10-minute video from The Slanted Lens, Jay P Morgan shares his entire process during a shoot and why he takes thousands of different shots. If you’ve been commissioned on a shoot, it’s unlikely that ...

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My Photo Shoot with Jennifer Lawrence


We all have our dreams. Some are simple, while others are complex, buried under an overwhelming mountain of hurdles. It’s not often that people live out their dreams. But, what happens when you do? What happens when you achieve every single goal in your path? How do you plan for ...

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4 Lessons in Creativity for Photographers


Creativity in any discipline is about finding new and original ideas. When they strike, creative thoughts seem to appear out of nowhere — light bulb moments. Sometimes it seems like creativity is something intangible that we can’t control. But are there ways you can nurture your own creativity? How can ...

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