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Photos of Unusual Household Objects That Make You Look Twice


PUTPUT is an artist duo based in Copenhagen, Demark, that works at the intersection between still life photography and sculpture. Its goal is to “create distinctly ambiguous images that challenges the viewer to look twice.” “We are interested in the metaphysical relationship between objects and people,” Stephan and Ulrik write. ...

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10 Quotes from Writers That Will Make You a Better Photographer


It might sound strange to suggest that writers can teach us anything about photography. I believe, though, that any creative pursuit springs from the same space within us, whether it’s photography, writing, painting or even making exquisitely beautiful cakes. Creativity comes from a desire to express ourselves, to verbalize our ...

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How Shooting from Eye Level (or Not) Makes a Difference


A very slight and easy change one could implement to an otherwise straightforward approach in street photography (as well as other genres) is to play with shooting from angles other than eye-level. It may an unconscious choice by some people that their perspective doesn’t shift much from their own, so ...

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7 Truths of Modern Photography


The state of photography is chaotic and rapidly changing. The definition of photographer is evolving, the barrier of entry is at its lowest yet, and imposter syndrome is taking hold. Let’s review the mental gear needed to shoot in this new landscape. #1. Abandon Your Doubt Instagram is overflowing with ...

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Inside the Mind of Street Photographer Alan Schaller


“Streets in Mind” is a new short film by SmugMug Films that looks at the life and work of London-based street photographer Alan Schaller. Walking the streets of NYC, Schaller offers thoughts and insights on shooting street photos in major cities. Schaller is the co-founder of Street Photography International and ...

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Why Do I Hate My Portrait Photography?


Portraiture has never been a genre that resonated with me as a creator, which is odd because there are many examples of portraiture that I enjoy, and I’d absolutely love to be able to create meaningful portraits of people in the same way that I feel I’m able to create ...

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