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Photographer Recreates the Iconic Photo ‘Dali Atomicus’


The 1948 photo ‘Dali Atomicus’ by American portrait photographer Philippe Halsman is regarded as one of the most iconic photos of the 20th century. It’s a surreal image showing surrealist artist Salvador Dalí in midair with three cats, a bucket of thrown water, and a chair. Photographer Karl Taylor recently ...

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Photos of People Matching Paintings in Museums


Photographer Stefan Draschan visited museums across Europe and spent hours looking for curious coincidences in which other visitors matched the paintings they were looking at. The series is titled People Matching Artworks. After spotting a good match, Draschan patiently waits for an opportune moment to frame the museum-goer with the ...

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Out West: A Visual Narrative of China’s Westernmost Region


Borrowing from romanticized notions of the American frontier, synonymous with ideals of exploration and expansion, I captured a visual narrative of China’s westernmost region, Xinjiang. Whereas the American West conjures images of cowboys and pioneers, of manifest destiny and individualistic freedom, the Chinese West has not yet been so defined. ...

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Great Photos Don’t Need to Be Technically Perfect


Do photos always need to be technically perfect? In this 10-minute video, landscape photographer Thomas Heaton discusses whether photographers worry too much about the technicalities of a photo, forgetting about what’s actually in the image. “The best standalone images are those that tell a story, those that make the viewer feel something,” ...

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Incredible Chemical Reactions Caught on Camera


Beauty of Science is a project that wants to engage people with science through stunning macro photos and videos of chemical reactions. Photographer Wenting Zhu of Hefei, China, captures the incredible sequences of chemistry in action. Here are two videos show gas-generating reactions taking place. Each clip is annotated with the ...

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