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Looking Through the Viewfinder of a Hasselblad XPan


The XPan was the first Hasselblad camera to 35mm film and was able to shoot ultra-wide panorama negatives. Photographer Jordan Lockhart decided to mount an action camera to his XPan to capture what it’s like to frame the world and shoot with this unique camera. “It took us a while ...

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Using 3 Vintage Lenses to Shoot the Same Model


Photographer Mathieu Stern has been doing shootout comparisons showing how the same models look when captured through different vintage lenses. For this 5.5-minute video, Stern used the Konika Hexanon 28mm f/3.5, the Minolta 100mm f/2.5, and the Industar 50mm f/3.5. These lenses are all relatively cheap through places like eBay. Here’s how ...

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The 7 Commandments for Great Photo Walks


In the last year, I’ve walked probably more than 2,000 miles with my camera. I love photo walks because they are so meditative. There is also great excitement when you get home to look at the photos, to see if you caught any great ones. It adds a dimension of ...

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Photog POV: Shooting the Nitro Circus Tour


My name is Daniel Schenkelberg, and I’m a motorsports photographer. In this post, I’ll be sharing a behind-the-scenes view of what it’s like to photograph a Nitro Circus live show. When shooting an event like this, understanding the schedule is paramount — you need to know where you need to ...

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Conquering Your Camera Settings in Landscape Photography


Understanding basic camera settings is important so that you know how to react in different conditions such as varying light, moving subjects, or to achieve maximum depth-of-field. In this 10-minute video, Adam Karnacz from First Man Photography discusses his techniques for working his camera while doing landscape photography. While knowing ...

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