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This Aerial Photo Shows How Winter Changes New York City


Photographer Paul Seibert created this beautiful aerial photo that shows how New York City changes between winter and summer. About half the frame shows a snowy winter view while the other portion shows the summer cityscape. Seibert is the Director of Digital Content and a contributing photographer of/for FlyNYON, the ...

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Composing Without the Camera


Sometimes one of the best things I can do for my photography, specifically for improving my compositions, is to put my camera down and walk around without taking photographs. While street photography itself is one of the best ways for anyone to train their eye to notice fleeting subjects and ...

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7 Things Pablo Picasso Can Teach Us About Photography


As I am always looking to improve my photography by learning, part of the process is seeking inspiration from others who create. I don’t, however, confine myself to just learning from other photographers. I cast my net for ideas wide, and look to artists, writers, musicians — whoever it is ...

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5 Things More Important Than Camera Brand


Debating which camera brand is best is a sure way to create a lively discussion among photographers. It’s easy to endlessly discuss specs and online reviews and to think that the latest model will give us some missing edge. But what about when you really put images to the test ...

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Portraits of Bodysurfers Flowing with Ocean Waves


Here’s a 5-minute short film by filmmaker Robert Sherwood about the work of Australian photographer Trent Mitchell and his latest project Inner Atlas, a series of portraits of bodysurfers flowing with ocean waves. “This portrait series celebrates the human spirit through movements of the sea in an unfamiliar and forgotten ...

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