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The Street Photography of Rinzi Ruiz


Rinzi Ruiz is a talented photographer who discovered his passion for street photography on the sidewalks of downtown Los Angeles. Here’s a great 4-minute interview with Ruiz by StreetShootr about his mindset and work. “I see light,” Ruiz says. “Basically what I’ve trained my eyes to focus on is the ...

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Meet the Photographer Who Hiked the Entire Colorado River


Photographer Pete McBride has traveled around the world with his camera for over 20 years, but one of his most incredible achievements has been hiking the entire Colorado River, including through the Grand Canyon. Here’s a great 10-minute profile of McBride by Adorama Spotlight. McBride’s career was born from a passion ...

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Taking Pictures of Strangers in Downtown LA


Photographers Jessica Kobeissi, Rachel Gulotta, and Daniel Inskeep decided to approach strangers in downtown Los Angeles and offer free portraits. The 11-minute video above shows what happened. The group held up “Free Portraits” signs to attract prospective subjects, but it’s difficult to get people to stop with signs — halfway ...

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A Skydiving ‘Studio’ Photo Shoot with Flash Lighting in Midair


Adventure photographer Jesper Gronnemark recently did an impressive skydiving photo shoot using flashes and other studio equipment in midair while free-falling at 125 mph (~200 km/h). Armed with a Profoto B1X flash and Sony a7R II, Gronnemark wanted to “push the boundaries” of outdoor adventure photography by shooting “studio” images during ...

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