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I Traveled from LA to Lebanon to Shoot Family Portraits


My name is Fayrouz Ftouni, and I’m a Lebanese photographer based in Los Angeles, California. For my project Yasmina, I traveled to Lebanon to shoot a series of “family portraits.” Yasmina is a photography project that transports us back to the 1960s in Beirut when women were restricted by societal ...

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Finding the Perfect Composition When All Seems Lost


Here’s a 20-minute video in which Serge Ramelli shows how he captured some beautiful fine-art photos of hot air balloons at a festival, even though the photo opportunities were initially looking bleak. Faced with a poor foreground full of spectators and bright yellow buses, Ramelli had to think outside the box. Ramelli ...

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A Before and After Look at the Magic of a Photoshop Artist


Photographer and visual artist Antti Karppinen has been reimagining photos using Photoshop for over 23 years now. Here’s a before-and-after look at how Karppinen is able to take plain portraits (shot in studios, garages, and outdoors) and turn them into dreamlike images. A Desert Road A Rainy Alleyway Fire in ...

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How Pulitzer Photojournalists Capture Iconic Moments


If you’d like a dose of photography inspiration, spend 8 minutes watching this video. It’s a story that just aired on CBS Sunday Morning titled “Capturing the Moment,” and it looks into whether people can be taught to create a great photograph. The segment focuses on Eddie Adams Workshop, established ...

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Photos of Snow-Covered Vending Machines in Japan


Photographer Eiji Ohashi has captured a unique collection of images that feature Japanese vending machines at night, covered in snow. The eerily beautiful photos are part of a project titled Time to Shine. There are over 5.5 million vending machines dotted around Japan, some seemingly forgotten about in rural areas. Aside from the ...

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How to Deal With Creative Envy as a Photographer


In his signature story-telling style, photographer Sean Tucker sits us down in this video for a 10-minute talk about handling creative envy and jealousy as a photographer or videographer. As he says, comparing yourself to other creatives can stall your career and breed resentment, and it’s important to know how ...

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