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The Power and Problems with Photo Clichés


Filmmaker and journalist Johnny Harris made this inspiring 7-minute video about the picturesque Austrian town of Hallstatt, which sits nestled between a lake and a mountain in the Alps. Harris looks at the idea of photography clichés and breaking out of them to find unique photos and experiences. Once known ...

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Taking a Photo Trip to Antarctica


When I found out I had the opportunity to travel to Antarctica, I couldn’t quite believe it. I should really start this story by thanking my mother: she’s had the travel bug her entire life, and eventually created a career for herself selling her experiences and knowledge. The same bug ...

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Randomizing Photo Shoots to Stretch My Creativity


I am a fan of light (honestly what photographer isn’t?). Hard light; reflected light; dappled light; low-key light; colored light — I love it all. Light makes or breaks not only my images but my mood. I’d venture to say that light is sandwiched between “belonging” and “safety” on my ...

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Lessons in Fearlessness from Morocco


I’ve been feeling for a while now that something has been lacking from my street photography. I seem to have settled into a “style” or “way of seeing” that features themes of solitude and isolation, monotone color palettes, and generally bland scenes – in line with my descriptions of “New-Wave ...

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People Call My Photos Fake… But They’re Not


The idea of this article came from a recent photo series I saw on BoredPanda about viral photos people thought were real but were fake. It reminded me of some of my photos people always call fake. People online judge you really easily. It used to really annoy me when ...

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This Robot Shoots Stunning Slow-Mo Portraits on Red Carpets


If you don’t watch entertainment industry awards shows, perhaps you’ve never heard of E!’s Glambot, which has been hitting the red carpets at major shows (e.g. Oscars, Grammys, Emmys) to shoot stunning 1000fps slow-motion portraits of celebrities. The man directing the Glambot at each of the shows is Canadian filmmaker ...

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You Will Fail as a Photographer


I have never taken a “How to Be a Motivational Speaker” course. So it should come as no surprise when I tell you with all certainty that… You will fail. You will fail little; you will fail big.You will fail so spectacularly that you could sell tickets to the event. ...

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