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The Steadicam Air is a $500 Monopod That Uses Gas Lift


Tiffen, parent company of Steadicam, has just announced the Steadicam Air. It’s a “revolutionary” new pneumatic monopod for photographers that does height adjustments using gas lift. The carbon fiber monopod features a rubberized foot on the bottom that provides non-slip operation. When you’d like to adjust the height, instead of ...

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Sony Unveils the HVL-F60RM Flagship Flash with Guide Number 60


Sony just announced HVL-F60RM, the company’s new flagship flash with guide number 60. It’s a flash that “combines continuous flash performance with advanced operability and wireless control,” Sony says. The HVL-F60RM covers illumination angles from 20mm (down to 14mm with the wide panel) up to 200mm with “uniform wide-range zoom ...

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Amateur Astronomer Snaps Supernova While Testing New Camera


Back on September 20th, 2016, an Argentinian amateur astronomer named Victor Buso was setting up and testing a new camera on his telescope when he captured something that may have never been caught on camera before: the first moments of a supernova. The 58-year-old locksmith had pointed his camera at ...

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Pentax K-1 Mark II Offers ISO 819200 and Handheld Pixel Shift


Ricoh has just announced the Pentax K-1 Mark II, a successor to the original K-1 that was unveiled in February 2016. The latest camera promises better image quality and enhanced performance for shooting in difficult environments. The K-1 Mark II shares many of its core features and specs with the ...

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Photographer: Beware ImageRights International


Notable American photographer Kalliope Amorphous has published a warning to other photographers who are considering protecting their copyright using ImageRights International. She accuses the company of an “egregious grab” that forces photographers to use the company’s legal services. ImageRights is one of a number of companies that have popped up ...

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