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Apple’s First 8-Core MacBook Pro Runs Photoshop Up to 75% Faster


Apple just announced its first-ever 8-core MacBook Pro, the fastest Mac notebook ever made. The performance boost is a boon for photographers, who will see a big jump in how quickly apps like Photoshop do CPU-intensive edits. “Apple updated MacBook Pro with faster 8th- and 9th-generation Intel Core processors, bringing ...

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This Airport Made Fence Holes for Planespotting Photographers


There’s a large community of planespotting photographers around the world who camp out at airports to photograph airplanes arriving and departing. A major airport in Canada has decided to serve its local photographers by creating dedicated holes in its fences for camera lenses to poke through. Jean-Lesage International Airport of ...

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Google Suspends Huawei’s Android Support After US Blacklist


If you’ve been eyeing Huawei’s latest P30 Pro smartphone and its ISO 409600 low-light capabilities, you should know that there’s major trouble brewing for the brand due to a the US government blacklisting it. Google has reportedly suspended its business with Huawei, including dropping Android support. Reuters reports that Google ...

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The Camera Store Staff Attacked with Bear Spray in Robbery


Camera stores have become the targets of more and more thieves in recent years. While many of the reports involve nighttime break-ins, robbers do attempt to steal gear during store hours as well, and that’s what just happened to the well-known camera store The Camera Store. The Calgary, Alberta, Canada-based ...

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Sony Developed a Color Film That Can Be Erased and Reused


Sony announced today that it has developed a new rewritable film material. Just as rewritable optical discs can be erased and written to again, Sony’s new film can have full-color photos drawn onto them, be erased, and then be reused for another photo. First of all, this new film isn’t ...

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An Insider’s Look at a Photo Workshop Disaster


I wrote an article in 2017 about bad photography workshops, and I made a promise to the community that I would never speak at, attend, or help promote a workshop again unless it was one I believed in wholeheartedly. I promised to do my due diligence when accepting speaking engagements ...

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