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The Pixentu Photo Jacket Turns You Into a Walking Camera Bag


Pixentu is a new wearable photography jacket that’s designed to allow photographers to leave their camera bags at home — it’s essentially a wearable camera bag. Coming in three different styles (street, outdoor, or a neat travel blazer), this jacket has an answer for different types of photographers. Street photographer ...

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Adobe: No, We’re Not Killing Lightroom Classic


Adobe is pushing further into the world of cloud-based software, and this week it rebranded Lightroom as Lightroom Classic CC so that the company’s new cloud-oriented app could be called Lightroom CC. But if your loyalties lie with the desktop app formerly known as Lightroom, don’t worry: Adobe says it ...

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Adobe Scribbler Can Auto Colorize B&W Photos


Adobe is teasing an impressive new technology called Scribbler. It’s an “interactive deep learning-based image generation system” that you can use to automatically colorize black-and-white photos. Above is a 6.5-minute demo of Scribbler. The system was developed using the Adobe Sensei deep learning system by researchers at Adobe, Georgia Tech, ...

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Adobe Cloak is Content-Aware Fill for Video


Adobe demoed a number of technologies at Adobe MAX 2017 yesterday, including something called Cloak. It’s basically Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill for video — you can easily remove unwanted things from video, as you can see in the 6-minute demo above. “[Cloak] enables removing unwanted things from a video by imagining ...

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US Urging Airlines to Ban Cameras in Checked Bags


The U.S. government is urging airlines around the world to ban cameras, laptops, and other large personal electronic devices from checked luggage, citing the risk of batteries causing catastrophic fires. The Chicago Tribune reports that the recommendation was made in a paper that was recently filed with the International Civil ...

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Canon Patents a Giant DSLR Flip Screen


Canon has filed a patent in Japan for a giant flip screen for the rear display of professional-form DSLR cameras. First spotted by Canon Rumors, the patent illustrations show a 1D X-style camera with a screen that spans nearly the entire backside of the camera. And instead of flipping out ...

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