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New Patents Show Canon Hasn’t Given Up on the EF Mount Just Yet


A new patent uncovered by the folks over at Canon News reveals that Canon hasn’t given up on improving EF-mount lenses, especially those that appeal to high-end sports and wildlife photographers. Canon’s recent admission that the company is more-or-less done making new EF lenses unless the market “demands it” has ...

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Remarkable Photos of Soviet Village Life Found In Abandoned House


In the spring of 2016, film student Victor Galusca was exploring a sleepy village in his native Moldova when the 23-year-old noticed some photographic negatives in the rubble of an abandoned house. The discarded pictures were the life’s work of Zaharia Cusnir, an unknown amateur photographer who died in 1993. ...

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National Archives Edited Photo to Remove Anti-Trump Messages


The National Archives is an independent government agency that’s tasked with preserving and documenting government and historical records. An authority on authenticity, it was just caught doctoring photos containing messages critical of President Trump. The Washington Post reports that the Archives has admitted to making multiple alterations to a photo ...

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That Camera Bundle on Amazon May Be Gear That Was Returned


Here’s a 16-minute report by CNBC that looks into how Amazon returns work. At the 14:39 mark, there’s an interesting tidbit that you may not have known: when you see third-party camera bundles on Amazon with a body, lens, and/or accessories, many of those items may have been previously returned. ...

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