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Canon Patents a Giant DSLR Flip Screen


Canon has filed a patent in Japan for a giant flip screen for the rear display of professional-form DSLR cameras. First spotted by Canon Rumors, the patent illustrations show a 1D X-style camera with a screen that spans nearly the entire backside of the camera. And instead of flipping out ...

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Adobe Said It Would Offer Standalone Lightroom ‘Indefinitely’


Adobe unveiled its cloud-centric Lightroom CC yesterday and announced that desktop Lightroom has been rebranded as Lightroom Classic CC. The company also stated that Lightroom 6 would be the final standalone version of Lightroom that doesn’t require a subscription… backtracking on what the company said just a few years ago. ...

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Bye Bye Lightroom, Hello Lightroom CC and Faster Lightroom Classic


Lightroom is no more. Adobe today announced a new cloud-based Lightroom called Lightroom CC. The current desktop-based app you know as Lightroom is being rebranded as Lightroom Classic CC. Lightroom Classic will be desktop-oriented, while Lightroom CC will be cloud and mobile focused. Lightroom CC in the Cloud Adobe is ...

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Google Photos Can Now Spot Your Pet Among Other Furry Creatures


Google Photos is now able to identify and recognize your furry feline or canine companions, pulling together albums specifically featuring them. You can give each of your pets names, allowing you to search for “Katy Pawry” or “Snarls Barkley” instead of “cat” or “dog.” You can also search using the ...

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Sigma Extends Camera Gear Warranty to Cover Hurricane Victims


Sigma has announced that it will extend the warranty on its camera gear to products that have been damaged or destroyed by the hurricanes that have recently devastated regions of the United States. If your equipment is under warranty and was damaged due to Hurricane Harvey, Irma or Maria, Sigma ...

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