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Oregon Hikers Stumble Upon a 1950s SLR in the Wild


Ethan Field and Ron Campbell were hiking off-trail in Oregon’s Columbia Gorge last week when something shiny caught their eye. Bending over, they discovered an old camera that was mostly covered by rocks, dirt, and vegetation.Here’s a short video clip of them finding the camera: The camera appears to be ...

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How the Canon 1D X Mark II and Nikon D5 Stack Up


With today’s unveiling of the Canon 1D X Mark II and the recent announcement of the Nikon D5, both major camera companies have now revealed their latest and greatest technologies in their flagship DSLRs. Here’s a look at how the two top tier cameras compare to one another… at least ...

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Eagles Are Now Being Trained to Take Down Drones


Forget anti-drone rifles and drones that catch other drones with webs and giant nets. Police over in The Netherlands have just come up with the craziest way to deal with illegal drones: specially trained eagles.The Dutch National Police proudly announced yesterday that it’s the first police force to employ eagles ...

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