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Ford Chopped Up These Cars So Photographers Can Shoot from the Back


Over in Europe, Ford has created special ‘Camera Tracking Unit’ cars for photographers to shoot publicity photos from. The cars are standard Ford cars that have been modified — the back has been chopped off and turned into a rear-facing seat specifically for a photographer.Reporter Máté Petrány of Jalopnik came ...

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Nikon Awards Prize to Badly ‘Shopped Photo, Hilarity Ensues


Nikon Singapore posted anannouncement on its Facebook page yesterday, congratulating a photographer named Chay Yu Wei for capturing a perfect shot of an airplane framed by a ladder in Chinatown. Photographers quickly pointed out that the photo is clearly the result of editing, and sarcastic comments soon flooded the post.“Yu ...

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This is What a Virtual Reality Photo Exhibition is Like


Don’t have the time or money to visit a photo exhibition you’re interested in? In the future, paying a visit will be as simple as strapping a virtual reality headset to your head. At EyeEm‘s Photo Hack Day 4 in Berlin recently, one of the apps developed was called Rooms. ...

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