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Michaels: Yes, You Can Do That Portrait Challenge In Our Stores


Photographer Jenna Martin helped spark a movement back in November 2017 when she did her “Ugly Places, Pretty Portraits” challenge in a Lowe’s home improvement store. Since then it has spread to other popular retail chains, include arts and crafts stores. But while the #hobbylobbychallenge is officially against store policy, ...

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Sony Creates Groundbreaking Backlit CMOS Sensor with Global Shutter


Sony just announced a groundbreaking development in the world of camera image sensors: it has created a 1.46-megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor that has global shutter. This is the first-ever CMOS sensor of over 1MP that has both back-illumination and global shutter. Backside illumination (BSI) is an image sensor design that ...

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Photographer Accidentally Captures SpaceX Falcon Heavy Exhaust Plume


Photographer Reuben Wu was at Vermilion Cliffs National Monument in Arizona last week shooting photos for his gorgeous Lux Noctis project (landscapes at night illuminated by drone-mounted LEDs) when he captured something unexpected: the exhaust plume of SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket that launched during the day. “I managed to capture ...

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Drone Causes Aircraft Crash for First Time in the US: Report


After numerous reports of illegally flown drones interfering dangerously with airplanes and even denting a US Army helicopter rotor over the past few years, a drone may have just caused an aircraft crash for the first time the United States. Bloomberg reports that the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has ...

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The NY Times is Looking for a White House Photographer


Want to be a White House news photographer for the New York Times? If that’s your dream photojournalism job opportunity, here’s some great news: there’s a job opening right now just for you. The Times has posted a job listing for a full-time Staff Photographer position based in Washington, DC. ...

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This Crypto-Art Rose Photo Sold for $1,000,000


Kevin Abosch, the photographer who purportedly sold a photo of a potato for over $1,000,000 in 2016, has now become the photographer behind the world’s most expensive crypto-artwork by selling a photo of a rose on the blockchain for $1,000,000. CNN reports that the photo, titled Forever Rose, was purchased ...

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Instagram is Now Alerting Users When People Screenshot Stories


Instagram is testing out a new feature that Snapchat helped make famous: users are being notified when other people shoot screenshots of photos and videos in Instagram Stories. Some users have begun seeing advance notices from Instagram saying that the next time they shoot a screenshot or screen recording of ...

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