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Selfies Have Led to 259+ Deaths Since 2011 — Here’s How


It has been widely reported that selfies cause more deaths these days than shark attacks. Now a new study has provided new facts and figures on how at least 259 people have lost their lives while trying to capture smartphone self-portraits since 2011. Researchers at the All India Institute of ...

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Photos of a Massive 1000-Foot Spider Web Blanketing a Greek Town


Greek photographer Alexandros Maragos recently captured an unusual phenomenon in the town of Aitoliko: a 1,000-foot-long (~300m) spider web that blanketed a vast area of the landscape. The web was reportedly spun by thousands of Tetragnatha spiders for mating and to trap the growing mosquito population. “As they built their ...

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Congress Passes Bill That Lets the U.S. Govt Shoot Down Drones


The U.S. Senate has passed a bill that will give authorities permission to shoot down private drones that are determined to be “threats.” The proposed law has sparked an outcry from civil liberties organizations. TechCrunch reports that the FAA Reauthorization Act was passed on Wednesday after it passed through the ...

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LG V40 ThinQ is the World’s First Five-Camera Smartphone


LG has unveiled the new V40 ThinQ premium smartphone. It’s the world’s first smartphone to feature five separate cameras — three on the back and two on the front — and is designed “to redefine the standard of smartphone photography,” LG says. The back of the phone features a 16MP ...

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DJI Ronin-S Users Demand Free Cable for Sony Camera Compatibility


DJI’s Ronin-S gimbal stabilizer is marketed as being compatible with mirrorless cameras, but there’s a catch: if you use a Sony camera, you’ll need to buy an extra cable for full compatibility. Some owners aren’t happy about this, and they’ve taken to DJI’s forums to complain and demand free cables. ...

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Wedding Photographer Pushes Stepmom Aside to Get the Shot


Wedding photographers often complain of ‘Uncle Bobs,’ or relatives who get in the way of professional photographers while trying to snap their own photos. When photographer Ashley Easterling encountered this during a wedding ceremony recently, she refused to allow the relative to ruin the bride and groom’s first kiss photo. ...

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