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GoPro May Soon Be a Chinese-Owned Company


GoPro’s brand may be widely recognized, but its business has been struggling mightily as of late. But there’s now some news that may offer a glimmer of hope for investors: GoPro may soon become a Chinese-owned company. The Information reports that the Chinese electronics company Xiaomi has been considering making ...

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Luminar Jupiter Update Brings Speed Boost and 300+ Improvements


Skylum, the company formerly known as Macphun, has just announced the latest version of Luminar, its photo editing Photoshop/Lightroom competitor. Luminar Jupiter brings a major speed boost and over 300+ improvements. Performance Boost “We have made some significant performance enhancements that allow you to edit your photos much faster,” Skylum ...

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Instagram Will Soon Let You Download All Your Photos


Facebook has long allowed you to download a complete copy of your data, and now Instagram is reportedly following suit. You’ll soon be able to download your entire history of photos and content from the popular photo sharing service. TechCrunch reports that Instagram is building the tool to help improve ...

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What Facebook Can Learn About You From a Single Uploaded Photo


Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is testifying on Capitol Hill this week regarding his company’s use of users’ personal data. Zuckerberg denied secretly listening to users through microphones for ad targeting, but the company is able to quietly collect quite a bit of data from a single uploaded photo. ...

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PolarPro Moves Into Still Camera Lens Filters with QuartzLine


PolarPro has announced that it is expanding beyond the drone and action camera products it is best known for and into the world of still and cinema cameras. The company’s new QuartzLine Filters are a series of full frame filters for DSLR, mirrorless, and cinematic cameras. “The QuartzLine Filters get ...

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Film in a Digital Age: The Phoenix Film Revival


“Ah, s**t!” Andrew Rogers shouts as he spills developer all over the table and onto his vintage yellow Kodachrome film shirt. Hidden in the back corner of the semi-popular “video game” bar, The Grid in Mesa, Arizona, he and three fellow film fanatics mix chemicals and develop E6 color positive ...

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Instagram ‘Focus’ is Portrait Mode for Single-Camera Phones


Instagram just released a new camera format called “Focus” that brings the magic of iPhone Portrait Mode-style portraits to single-camera smartphones. The feature is found as a new “Focus” option under the shutter button when the Instagram camera is open. It’s found between “Boomerang” and “Superzoom”. While in Focus mode, ...

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Blackmagic Unveils a $1,295 Compact Camera That Shoots 4K RAW


Blackmagic has just announced its Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, a Micro Four Thirds compact camera that puts 4K RAW recording in your pocket for $1,295. The camera is a long-awaited successor to the original Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera of 2013, which offered 1080p RAW in a tiny camera body. Inside ...

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