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Reuters Banned from Olympic Opening Ceremony for Leaked Photos


Reuters photographers and reporters have been banned from the Winter Olympics opening ceremony in PyeongChang, South Korea, next month after the international news agency leaked photos of the rehearsal. South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency reports that on Sunday, Reuters filed several photos of the Olympic cauldron being lit with fire ...

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Lightroom Still Slow? Another Major Performance Update is Coming


After finally admitting that Lightroom is slow in 2017, Adobe pledged to speed it up and released a big performance update in October 2017. Unfortunately, the updated Lightroom can still be sluggish, even if you spend $6,000 building the ultimate Lightroom editing machine. There’s some great news today, though: Adobe ...

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Rally Car Hits Photographer Standing on Outside of Corner


Photographer David LeClair was photographing rally car racing at Sno*Drift Rally in Michigan last Friday when one of the rally cars lost control, slid off the road, and violently slammed into LeClair, sending the photographer flying. The whole incident was caught on camera (warning: the video shows an injury accident). ...

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Canon May Add Fingerprint ID to Its Cameras and Lenses


Fingerprint ID is used on many smartphones these days for security and identification, but would you like to see the same feature on your camera gear? Canon has apparently developed a fingerprint ID system that can identify the photographer using the camera or lens. Canon Rumors reports that a new ...

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Twitter Trained an AI to Help Auto-Crop Your Photos Better


Twitter has just announced that auto-cropping of photos on the social networking service will be producing much better results thanks to a new neural network that has been trained for the task. Twitter has been a platform for photo sharing since 2011, but cropping shared photos into neat previews has ...

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Grumpy Cat Wins $710,000 in Copyright Infringement Lawsuit


Grumpy Cat, the Internet favorite feline whose photos have been widely used in memes, has been awarded $710,000 in a copyright infringement lawsuit. The cat, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, became famous around 2012 when photos of her and her grouchy facial expressions went viral online. People soon began ...

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