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The Winning Photos of the 2019 Nat Geo Travel Photo Contest


National Geographic has announced the winners of its 2019 Travel Photo Contest. Photographer Weimin Chu won the $7,500 grand prize for his Cities photo “Greenlandic Winter,” which shows the fishing village of Upernavik in Greenland. “Upernavik is a fishing village on a tiny island in west Greenland,” Chu writes in ...

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This Software Can Undistort Faces at the Edges of Wide-Angle Photos


If you’ve ever found yourself at the edges of a group photo captured with a wide-angle lens, you may have noticed some strange stretching, squishing, and/or skewing that distort your face. Researchers have now created software that can automatically fix these wide-angle face distortions without affecting other parts of the ...

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Adorama Launches Monthly Instagram Photo Challenge


In 2016, AdoramaTV aired a reality TV show called Top Photographer in which 5 photographers competed over 5 episodes to be named the best photographer. Adorama just announced a new Top Photographer series, but this one is a monthly photo challenge that anyone can enter on Instagram. The series is ...

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These Deepfakes of Famous People Are Testing Facebook’s Policies


Facebook has recently taken a position of not removing faked videos, choosing instead to reduce their reach and display them alongside fact-checking information. Now a series of viral deepfake videos of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other famous individuals is putting Facebook’s policies to the test. Motherboard reports that artists ...

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DxOMark Made a Realistic Mannequin for Testing Selfie Cameras


DxOMark is known for its lab tests of camera quality that are widely used by brands in marketing. To standardize its selfie camera tests to ensure repeatability, DxOMark has created a custom realistic mannequin to serve as a selfie subject. Named Sienna, the mannequin was created by first 3D scanning ...

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