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Fujifilm B&W Film is Back: Neopan 100 Acros II Unveiled


Fujifilm’s black-and-white film is coming back from the dead. The company just announced a brand new film stock called Neopan 100 Acros II that promises “unsurpassed image quality” and “world-class fine grain.” “This 100 ISO film will deliver unsurpassed resolution, fine grain and sharpness, with exceptional detail satisfying a broad ...

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Wildlife Photo Contest Winner Disqualified Over Elephant’s Ears


African Geographic has announced that photographer who recently won its 2019 Photographer of the Year award has been disqualified due to photo-manipulation. The photo, titled “Tim in Amboseli National Park, Kenya” and shot by photographer Björn Persson, shows a known Kenyan elephant named Tim standing in a field with dark ...

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A Photographer’s Powerful Photo and Message for a Mom After Birth


After a child is born, that newborn baby generally becomes the center of everyone’s attention. One photographer recently captured an often-overlooked moment of a mom post-birth, and her photo and the accompanying message are going viral, reaching millions around the world. After her friend Tammy Wright of Jacksonville, Florida, gave ...

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This Bird Has Impressive Built-In Image Stabilization


Drones these days often feature mechanical gimbals to stabilize their cameras while in flight. But long before consumer drones exploded onto the scene, birds were already taking to the skies with impressive built-in image stabilization. Designer and wildlife photographer Anthony Roberts was shooting with his Canon 5D Mark IV and ...

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This is Why You Don’t Put Your Camera on a Ledge


If you ever need to set your camera down temporarily, make sure you choose a safe place with as little gravitational potential energy as possible. It seems one photographer learned this lesson the hard way and paid a dear price. Photography Memes just shared this 14-second video that will make ...

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