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Photography Tips

How to compress perspective in landscape images


How to compress perspective in landscape images We show you how to give the effect of compressing the perspective and bring distant hills closer together by shooting a misty scene with a telephoto lens. Distant landscapes can be difficult to shoot. We’re all often tempted to use as wide a ...

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How to compose and shoot minimalist landscapes


In this tutorial we show you how to use empty space in your compositions when shooting minimalist landscape photography. With winter drawing the vibrant colours out from the landscape, it’s the perfect opportunity to capture some empty, minimalist scenery. You don’t need a sweeping, dramatic scene in perfect golden light ...

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Night Photography Tips: 9 essential steps for beginners


Has Seasonal Affective Disorder got you particularly down about your night photography and low light pictures in general? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s one of the more challenging subjects in photography. Learn how to take better photos at night with these 9 carefully selected night photography tips for beginners. ...

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7 advanced ways to get more from your Canon camera


Canon’s compact and interchangeable-lens cameras are packed with so many useful options that there’s a good chance you may overlook some of these, or potentially not even know how they benefit your picture taking. Here are seven ways to get the most out of your Canon camera. 1. Increase your ...

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