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How to Land a Photography Assistant Job


I firmly believe that assisting a photographer whose work you admire is one of the greatest learning opportunities available to us and can provide invaluable experience. I remember the first time I was on set with a ‘real’ fashion photographer. I felt like entirely new universes were opening up before ...

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3 Camera Settings To Master For Landscape Photography


When you purchase a new camera, how much time do you spend reading the manual? I find most camera manuals rather difficult to follow along with, and I for one very rarely use them. What’s interesting is that camera manuals only describe the technical “how to” side of things, like ...

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5 Lighting Portrait Positions for Couples


Lighting two people can be difficult to do, so I’m going to use 5 portrait lighting positions to breakdown how to best light a couple. If you haven’t watched the 5 Portrait Lighting Setups yet, you can watch it here first: So we are going to try different head and ...

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Recreating the First Color Photo Ever Made


In the “Olden Days,” professional science was still in its infancy. People who trained in science and practiced science were using every ounce of creativity and imagination at their disposal to discover the nature of the world. They were scrappy and inventive. In this article, I will outline a modern ...

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Are You Sharpening Your Photos Enough?


I’ll own up to this and say that I’m guilty of being stuck in my ways. But age is no excuse for not being as adaptive as I should be to the changing times. But let me explain. I’ve been shooting for many years now and nearly 20 years ago, ...

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How to Pose Women Who Aren’t Models


Photographer Anita Sadowska made this helpful 14-minute video in which she shares tips and tricks for photographing women who don’t have any experience modeling and posing for the camera. With the help of photographer Irene Rudnyk, Sadowska demonstrates a number of simple poses and ways to think about making your ...

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10 Life Hacks for Your Photo Studio


Having a photography studio is fun, but it is even more fun when you start applying simple and cheap solutions plus common sense to make your shooting experience (and your clients’ experience) smoother. This is the list of what I think are the smartest and most useful photography studio life ...

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