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How to Shoot Speaker Paint Splash Photos


Photographer Steve Kazemir made this 4-minute video showing how he shoots beautiful photos of paint splashes frozen in time using an old speaker in his garage. A photo of Kazemir’s garage setup. Kazemir stretched a black trash bag over the speaker to protect it and plays sound from a tablet ...

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How to Back Up Photos as a Wedding Photographer


We keep hearing the same story every year: newlyweds that are left desolated because the photographer lost their wedding images. From dual memory card slots to the ever decreasing price of computer storage, human negligence has become the weakest link in the workflow. Consequences for not backing up your clients’ ...

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How to Photograph in a Crowd


Whether it’s a wedding, a festival, or a protest, crowds present photographers with some unique challenges. I’ve spent some time working on figuring out the best ways to handle crowded environments in order to produce images that are consistent with my style, while conveying the energy of the crowd in ...

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How to Get Over Early Hurdles in Film Photography


Something about the way photographers acclimatize to shooting with film has intrigued me for some time. I think it’s safe to say that film is very much tried and tested — some of the greatest photography pioneers worked with film and were not limited in their ability to create incredible ...

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3 Ways to Use Plexiglass for Creative Portraits


As a portrait photographer, it can often be difficult to keep thing interesting in the studio. Adding a unique element to your images can help them stand out while also allowing you to have little fun. The unique element that I added for my most recent shoot was just a ...

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A Guide to Long Exposure Photography


In the past few years, long exposure photography has become increasingly popular. Images in which the water seems to turn ethereal, the clouds turn into long, wispy streaks, or the lights from cars turn into long lines have an otherworldly quality that can be incredibly appealing. Since I’ve had a ...

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Concise Photography Advice for Friends and Family


“Do you have any advice on how to take good photos?” Because I don’t make a secret of my interest in photography, it’s not uncommon for people around me to assume that I’m the right person to answer this seemingly innocuous question. It doesn’t really help when I try to ...

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