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How to Shoot Group Product Photos with Only One Flash


Here’s a helpful 6-minute tutorial by photographer Dustin Dolby on how you can photograph group product photos using only a single speedlight. Dolby places a number of shampoo and conditioner bottles on a sheet of acrylic and then uses light to craft space. Using a 8×36-inch stripbox and Yongnuo YN560 ...

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How to Photograph Wildlife from Your Car


Wildlife photographer Chad Barry has captured many gorgeous, award-winning photos of various animals over the course of his career, but there’s one thing viewers probably never realize when looking at his work: a lot of the wildlife images were captured from inside a car. Barry made this 23-minute video sharing ...

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10 Tips to Take Your Landscape Photos to the Next Level


My name is Albert Dros, and I’m a professional landscape photographer from the Netherlands. This article is both for beginners and advanced landscape photographers. I figured I’d list some tips to hopefully give you some inspiration and give you some new options to try out in your landscape photography. In ...

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How to Shoot Product Photos Using a $10 IKEA MELODI Lamp Shade


Lighting equipment can be expensive, but sometimes you can get great results using makeshift products that won’t put a dent in your wallet. Here’s a 15-minute video from Dustin Dolby of workphlo that looks at how you can shoot high-quality product photos using something as basic as an IKEA MELODI lampshade. This ...

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How to Use Long Exposures to Up Your Photography Game


If you’ve been itching to try your hand at daytime long exposure photography but aren’t sure how to jump in, here’s a great simple and straightforward 12-minute tutorial on the subject by photographer Adam Karnacz of First Man Photography. Karnacz covers all the basics and teaches through doing. The video ...

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