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A Tool Chest is a Great Way to Organize Your Photography Gear


Los Angeles-based event photographer Mik Milman made this 11-minute video showing how he stores and organizes his photography gear. The centerpiece of his organizational strategy: a rolling tool chest. In the top drawer, Milman stores basic grab-and-go essentials — things like headphones, memory cards, gaffer tape, etc. The next drawer ...

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Camera Basics: Understanding Shutter Speed


Do you know your camera basics? Today we dive into shutter speed and teach you all the ways you can use shutter speed to unlock your creativity and expand your photography style. Learn how to show fluid movement or capture a split second and what styles of photography these shutters ...

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How to Shoot Portraits Through FaceTime


If anything good has come out of the current lockdown, it’s the many wonderful ways people have been finding to stay creative. When the coronavirus began to take hold and necessary government instructions rendered my wedding and portrait photography business inoperable, I had to deal with the shock and financial ...

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How to Easily Remove Color Casts in Photoshop


In this post, I’ll share how I do quick and easy color cast removal using Photoshop. I will provide some examples to show you that it can work for a wide range of images. The color cast removal process I will explain may not be a universal solution but it ...

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How to Make Cyanotype Prints of Your Digital Photos at Home


Photographer Mathieu Stern has put together a simple step-by-step that will teach you how to turn your digital photographs into beautiful cyanotype prints. If you’ve never made physical prints at home, consider this your gateway drug. The cyanotype is a photographic printing process that was invented in 1842 by astronomer ...

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How to Do Top-Down Light Painting in a Room


I’m light-painting photographer Russell Klimas, and in this article I’ll share how I do top-down light painting in a room. I was originally inspired to do this technique because when I had done it with a drone I had a troll complain that the images weren’t clear enough. In response, ...

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SEO for Photographers: 3 Ways to Improve Your Website


When most of us began pursuing a career as photographers, we pictured idyllic days spent behind our beloved cameras photographing all the things. We quickly learned that our time behind a camera would be precious, as most of us would spend way more time sitting at a computer editing, communicating ...

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