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How to Photograph a Moonrise and Moonset


Want to learn how to predict and photograph a moonrise or moonset? Here’s a helpful 5-minute video on just that by photographer Matthew Saville of Nature TTL. Every month there is a full moon, and this is the perfect time to capture the moon on camera. The moon will rise and ...

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10 DIY Photo Gifts for the Holidays


Trying to think of a photography-related present for a photography-obsessed person in your life? Here’s a 4-minute video by COOPH that features 10 great DIY gift idea for this this holiday season. Each project is pretty straightforward and cheap to make. Check out the full video above to see a quick ...

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How to Revive a ‘Dead’ Rechargeable Battery in 30 Seconds


Have a rechargeable battery that won’t recharge properly? Before throwing it out, there’s something you should try. Here’s a 2-minute video by Lensvid that will teach you one technique for reviving “dead” rechargeable AA and AAA batteries. Photographers often make use of rechargeable AA or AAA batteries (in equipment like flashes ...

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How to Dodge and Burn Your Photos Using Gaussian Blur


Here’s a 5-minute tutorial by photography artist Antti Karppinen that shares a technique for effectively dodging and burning your photo using the Gaussian Blur adjustment in Photoshop. While not suitable for every post-processing situation you may find yourself in, this dodge and burn method can help you to add “punch” to ...

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An Easy Way to Compose Landscape Photos at Night


When you’re out taking nighttime landscape photos, one of the most difficult tasks is composing your photos exactly how you want. The reason? It’s simply too dark to see anything. Looking through the viewfinder on a DSLR, it can be tough to make out any of the scene’s important features. ...

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