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Why Umbrellas Don’t Suck (But Your Lighting Might)

I’m photographer Jay P Morgan of The Slanted Lens, and today I’m going to talk about umbrellas! People have forgotten about umbrellas, they don’t use umbrellas, but umbrellas are a gorgeous way to light. So let’s take a look at them — see how to use them, set them up, ...

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How to Build a Low Budget Photography Set

For my latest project, “we are the dead,” I decided to build a room in which to shoot my pictures. I had absolutely no idea how to do this, but there were some facts I needed to consider. The only available time I had for this was mostly late at ...

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How to Price Your First Photo Shoot

If photography is your chosen career path or even just a hobby, at some point, someone is going to ask you to take some photographs in exchange for a paycheck. The first time you get asked to take photographs for money is both amazing and extremely stressful. Up until your ...

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How to Photograph Christmas Light Displays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Streets are filled with joyful songs and gorgeous light displays. Some Christmas trees and illuminations are so large that photographing them can be tricky. Next are some tips and composition ideas, with examples, that can help you take better photos this holiday ...

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A $60 DIY Photo Ceiling Rail Lighting System


What started off as a quick lighting test in my garage has turned into a full investigation and installation of my own DIY photography ceiling rail system. My shooting space measures 7×10 feet (2x3m) — not a great space for shooting portraits. Okay, so you might manage it with one ...

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How to Shoot UV ‘Liquid Flow’ Photos


Dropping colored milk into water and photographing the effects is nothing new – these experiments have existed for decades and can yield some very interesting abstract images. The technique can be brought into the “mad scientist” realm by switching gears slightly – using UV flashlights and fluorescing ink, we can ...

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RAID/NAS/DAS for Photographers on a Budget


Not everyone needs the massive terabytes of storage that are possible with a RAID/NAS/DAS storage device. But you don’t need to fill up all the drive slots in one of these devices to get the advantages offered. This article is going to look at how to set up a storage ...

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How the Table Affects Lighting When Shooting Bottles


Here’s a 7-minute video in which photographer Dustin Dolby of Workphlo demonstrates how your choice of shooting table influences the resulting lighting when shooting bottles. Dolby starts by showing the resulting highlight you get when placing the bottle on a “normal” rectangular table and lighting it with a speedlight and ...

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