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How to Pick the Right Camera Settings for Every Scenario


Fresh from telling us to stop asking about camera settings, Tony Northrup is back with a 17-minute video going in depth on the general camera settings he uses for specific situations, imparting knowledge along with over 50 sample pictures. Northrup’s previous video explained how knowing the exact camera settings a ...

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Make Difficult Selections Using Alpha Channels in Photoshop


In this 12-minute tutorial by PiXimperfect, learn how to use alpha channels in Photoshop to make “insanely difficult” selections. An example situation for which you may need to employ this technique could be selecting pieces of the sky from behind a tree on the horizon. Photoshop’s Channels allow you to ...

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10 Macro Photo Tips for Beginners


In this article, I’ll be sharing 10 macro photography tips for beginners who are just starting out in the genre. #1. Lens There are several good lens options for macro photography. You could use extension tubes combined with a normal lens, which gives you some magnification. Or even better, you ...

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The Difference Between Vibrance and Saturation


To the untrained eye, the difference between the vibrance and saturation sliders is not immediately obvious. Jesús Ramirez of Photoshop Training Channel explains the subtle difference between these two useful tools in this 5-minute video. As Ramirez demonstrates, both tools work to increase or decrease the intensity of colors in ...

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5 Hacks for Creative Photography in 1 Minute


Want to spice up your photography and try some unorthodox methods for getting unusual photos? This 1-minute video may be the inspiration you need. Photographer Dan Watson runs through 5 neat accessories that will let you “hack” your way to creative photos. 1. Smoke Emitter Try using a pocket-sized smoke emitter ...

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