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Learn Photoshop by Recreating Movie Posters


Photographer and retoucher Antti Karppinen has started a new series of video tutorials that aims to teach Photoshop techniques by recreating the looks seen in movie posters. “I have always loved movie posters and teaching photography and retouching,” Karppinen writes. “I’m using stock images to create my replications and try ...

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The Exposure Triangle Explained Using Star Wars LEGO


Want a simple introduction to the basics of the Exposure Triangle in photography? PHLEARN has created a trilogy of short video tutorials that explain aperture, ISO, and shutter speed using Star Wars LEGO. You can watch all three episodes in less than 20 minutes below. May the exposure be with ...

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Here’s an Intro to Three-Point Lighting for Portraits


Here’s a 9-minute introduction to the three-point lighting setup! If you haven’t seen our video about portrait lighting, we go over five portrait lighting positions and what type of emotion you can get from those positions. So this is a follow up to that lesson and I recommend you watch ...

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How to Shoot Better Portraits in Harsh Sunlight


Wedding photographer and Nikon Ambassador Brett Florens recently gave this 9-minute workshop demo on how you can shoot better portraits in harsh sunlight. “If you know your gear and lighting, shooting at the worst time of the day can create great results,” Florens says. Here are the different setups and ...

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