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10 Photoshop Hacks for Portraits


Photographer Irene Rudnyk made this 22-minute video to share her top 10 Photoshop hacks when working on portraits. These are tips and tricks Rudnyk says she uses all the time on all of her photos. Hack #1 (0:16): Stretch Technique. Using Free Transform to stretch out secondary areas of photos ...

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10 Lightroom Tips Every Photographer Should Know


In this video and article, I’ll share 10 helpful Lightroom tips that can improve your photo editing. #1. Auto tone in Lightroom The auto tone section Lightroom gives you is a really good start to your editing process in Lightroom. You don’t have to accept the results — just reset ...

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7 Essential Lightroom Tricks I Use Daily


Everyone’s list of Lightroom tricks and shortcuts is a bit different and when I started to compile mine I wasn’t 100% sure what they were exactly. It’s funny how you don’t even realize you’re using these handy timesavers as they become second nature when you apply them within your editing ...

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How to Style Food for Photos: 10 Pro Tips and Tricks


I’m photographer Jay P. Morgan. In this 15-minute video, we’re joined by Ed Rudolph, a food photographer from the Los Angeles area. He’s going to share with us his top ten tips for styling food. #1. Fake Condensation Fake condensation on a glass can last for several days, and that’s ...

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A Recipe for a Little Red Riding Hood Photo Shoot


For most kids, deciding what to wear for Halloween is an exciting time to make a yearly memory. This is no different for my own daughter. However, this year, she received her costume from a neighbor as a hand-me-down. The joy on her face was priceless! Now that she had ...

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How to Shoot an ‘Impossible’ 1400MP 14mm f/0.2 Portrait


Want to shoot an “impossible” f/0.2 portrait? Here’s a 3.5-minute video in which photographer Tony Northrup demonstrates the Brenizer Method, which effectively turns a telephoto lens into an ultra-fast wide-angle lens. The Brenizer Method, popularized in the modern day by photographer Ryan Brenizer, is simply a stitched panorama in which ...

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