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How to Photograph Birds in Flight


Shooting photos of birds in flight can be a difficult challenge in wildlife photography. Here’s a 6-minute tutorial by Nature TTL that offers tips on this sub-genre. Considered by some to be one of the hardest forms of wildlife photography, freezing the high-speed action of a bird whizzing past you is rewarding ...

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How to Post-Process Soft and ‘Dreamy’ Portraits of Children


Here’s a 47-minute tutorial from PiXimperfect about how to create those soft, dreamy portrait photos of children using Photoshop. First things first, import your file into Photoshop and make those initial raw adjustments. Adjust the Structure The first major step you have to do is to get the structure right. That’s all ...

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Make a DIY Automated Turntable for Product Photography


Here’s a 2-minute tutorial overview from Circuito that will show you how to make your own automated turntable for photography. With the ability to start, stop, and trigger the camera all by itself, this turntable is great for people looking for a streamlined product photo workflow. The turntable allows you ...

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How to Photograph Star Trails: Here’s a Beginner’s Guide


Here’s an 8-minute tutorial from Nature TTL and astrophotographer Matthew Saville about how to photograph star trails. Considered by some as the holy grail of astrophotography, this technique harnesses the rotation of the Earth for captivating images. Photos like this can be created by those brave enough to stand in the cold ...

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How to Match Saturation in Composite Photos Using Photoshop


Once you’ve matched the color tones in a composite photo, you can then move on to matching the saturation for proper realism. Here is a 5-minute tutorial from Antti Karppinen that shows how you can do so using Photoshop. First, create a selective color adjustment layer over your composite. In the pop-up ...

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