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How to Clone Yourself in Photoshop and Premiere Pro


Can’t get enough of yourself? Here’s a 10-minute video from Peter McKinnon in which he shows how to create clones of yourself in photos using Photoshop and in videos using Premiere Pro. While you’re probably not creating something as elaborate as Orphan Black or Fargo’s third season, learning how to ...

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How to Make a DIY Leather Camera Harness For Under $70


Leather harnesses look super stylish, but they can cost upwards of $200 retail. What’s a cash-strapped photographer to do? French photographer Duncan Dimanche has a DIY solution for you, and it’ll only cost $70. Dimanche guides you through the process in this short walkthrough video, showing how you can use ...

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Using Creative Lighting Techniques to Mimic Natural Light


In this useful little tutorial, wedding photographer Bob Davis demonstrates how, with just a small amount of kit, you can combine speedlights with basic light modifiers to mimic two totally different natural light ‘looks’ in seconds. The video specifically talks about shooting a groom prepping before his wedding, but the ...

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How to Shoot a White Product on a White Background


In product photography, using a white background can eliminate distractions and really make the product shine. But what if the product itself is white? In this 4-minute video, you’ll learn how to properly expose your shot in this challenging scenario. As photographer/director David Patino explains, the key to this technique ...

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