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How to Shoot Better Portraits in Harsh Sunlight


Wedding photographer and Nikon Ambassador Brett Florens recently gave this 9-minute workshop demo on how you can shoot better portraits in harsh sunlight. “If you know your gear and lighting, shooting at the worst time of the day can create great results,” Florens says. Here are the different setups and ...

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How to Create Full-Color Photos Using Only B&W Film


The three-color method of using colored lens filters when shooting black-and-white photos was one of the earliest techniques for creating color photos. This 11.5-minute video is an exploration of how this process is done. The video was created by Mike Elsherif and JohnBen Lacy of Clovehitch Productions. “The video is ...

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How to Find and Photograph Bears in Yellowstone


Yellowstone is one of the most visited parks in the United States, and for good reason. It’s full of unique thermal features and one of the last great destinations for an abundance of wildlife. Even if you come for the geysers and hot springs, you’ll want to stay longer and ...

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Destination Wedding Survival Guide for Photographers


Have you considered offering destination wedding photography to your clients but questioned the amount of work and risks involved? We will dive deep in this article, covering various topics to help you succeed on your first destination wedding assignment. The topics covered include: Planning and what to bring. Scouting and ...

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Do a Background Check When Shooting a Wildlife Photo


When photographing wildlife — much like hiring a new employee or going on a date with someone you met online — it’s essential to do a background check. What is behind the animal that you’re photographing? The background can completely make or break an image. It’s essentially the canvas that ...

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How to Shoot Photos of Flying Food


Want to learn how to create a “flying food” photo without actually making food travel through the air? Food photographer Skyler Burt of We Eat Together made this 5.5-minute tutorial on one way to freeze time and space. Levitating food is often seen in advertisements, allowing the viewer to see ...

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