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5 Easy Fixes for Common Posing Mistakes


Small details can make or break the effectiveness of a pose when photographing couples. Here’s a 6-minute video in which wedding photographers Sara Byrne and Phil Chester share 5 simple spot corrections that take poses from plain to pro. Here’s a quick rundown of the 5 tips (watch the video ...

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How to Take Underwater Photos


In addition to being wedding photographers, my wife Anna and I are also keen divers (at least as long as the water is warm and clear!), so quite naturally, we’ve been eager to experiment with underwater photos for quite some time. As well as photographing marine life, we were particularly ...

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9 Composition Tips for Shooting Good Landscape Photos


Photographer Toma Bonciu (AKA Photo Tom) made this 10-minute video with 9 composition tips and rules you can use to shoot more effective landscape photos. The guidelines are mainly ways to direct viewers’ eyes to points and areas of interest in the frame and are things you can keep in ...

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How to Make Your Own Profiles for Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom


Earlier this month, Adobe released an update that massively revamped its Camera Profiles, renaming the feature Profiles. In addition to 6 new Adobe Raw profiles, there are also creative profiles. And instead of downloading and/or buying third-party creative profiles, you can make your own. Adobe Principal Product Manager Josh Haftel ...

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7 Jedi Mind Tricks Every Portrait Photographer Should Know


Jedi mind tricks are not just for Jedi. They’re for photographers too. Us portrait photographers face a difficult mission. We must form instant connections with our subjects. Have you ever photographed someone with whom you just can’t click? I have, and it sucks. To avoid awkward suckiness sucking, I recommend ...

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How to Shoot Group Product Photos with Only One Flash


Here’s a helpful 6-minute tutorial by photographer Dustin Dolby on how you can photograph group product photos using only a single speedlight. Dolby places a number of shampoo and conditioner bottles on a sheet of acrylic and then uses light to craft space. Using a 8×36-inch stripbox and Yongnuo YN560 ...

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Quick Tip: How to ‘Auto’ a Single Slider in Lightroom


Lightroom Classic has long had an “Auto” feature in the Develop module that will automatically set basic sliders for you based on the image at hand. But did you know that you can now “Auto” set individual sliders? This simple but useful trick is discussed and demonstrated in the 44-second ...

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