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How to Clean Your Camera Lens with Candle Soot


Camera lens cleaning pens use fine carbon particles to help cleanly remove smudges from your glass. Do you know what else has carbon particles? Soot. Here’s a short 2.5-minute video in which photographer Mathieu Stern shows how you can use ordinary candle soot to get the same cleaning power. If ...

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Create Impossible Photos with a Lighting Composite


“Do you have 9 lights?” The account manager at Oakland University asked me. Somewhat inspired by a Queen album cover, he was looking to create an image where 9 award-winning students stood out in a dramatized version of a newly renovated space on campus. While I understood the goal of ...

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7 Travel Photography Tips You Don’t Usually Hear


You might have seen countless videos about travel photography tips online. Most of them touch on more or less the same stuff, which is either fairly obvious or pretty banal. Here’s a 17-minute video about travel photography tips that I’d consider fairly unusual. They aren’t something you commonly hear. The ...

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How to Use a Normal Camera and Photoshop to See Heat


Here’s a 6-minute video by photographer Kelly Hofer of Theory of Curiosity on Background Oriented Schlieren (BOS), a technique that lets you shoot photos and videos of heat using an ordinary camera and Photoshop. The basic idea of BOS is that Photoshop can help reveal minute differences between two nearly ...

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5 Steps to Shooting a Photo of a $2.75 Million Sports Car


How do you go about shooting one of the rarest sports cars in the world? Here’s a 17-minute tutorial in which automotive photographer Mike D’Ambrosio shares the 5 steps of his “night flare” style while shooting a $2.75 million Maserati MC12. The Maserati MC12 is a limited production sports car ...

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How to Shoot Portraits in Dappled Light


I’ve been photographing weddings for 10 years now, so I’ve seen and dealt with nearly every lighting scenario possible, from a dark church with no windows, to a wedding ceremony at high noon with not a cloud in sight. But one thing most photographers don’t know is how to photograph ...

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5 Tips for Shooting Fashion Behind the Scenes


One of my favorite environments for photojournalism is the world of fashion, which I fell into almost accidentally when I first started out as a photographer. It has been one of the most interesting, rewarding experiences both artistically and personally, and I would like to share some thoughts on working ...

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